19 Year Old Patrick Lee Announces 2025 Township Committee Run

He will be the youngest committeeman in the county history if elected. Over 2 weeks ago, 19 year old Patrick Lee of Tabernacle announced he would be pursuing a run for the township committee. It came 2 days after the committee made a controversial vote to tear down their historic Town Hall building. Now Patrick Lee, son of former Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and committeeman Stephen V. Lee IV, gives an update on his run.

“I am not going to run against the great candidates endorsed by the Republican party. It wouldn’t be right to run against any candidate that I would vote for anyway.” Lee refers to Joseph Barton and David Oiler who are running against incumbent Samuel Moore and Mark Hartman. “Joe is someone that has experience, and I would rather learn from him than run against him.”

After Mayor Mark Hartman and committeeman Samuel “Sammy” Moore voted to demolish Town Hall the Republicans endorsed Oiler and Barton to take the incumbents place. The other vote to demolish the building was Natalie Stone who is up for re-election in 2025.

“Getting 2 of the problems off the committee is a big step to taking back our town. The next step is to get rid of the 3rd problem next year” said Lee.

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