Democrats announce GoFundMe Campaign to raise money for nonprofit that provides meals, shelter, treatment and recovery programs and workforce training 

PASSAIC COUNTY– Passaic County Democratic candidate for County Sheriff Chief Thomas Adamo and candidates for County Commissioner Cassandra “Sandi” Lazzara, Rodney De Vore and John Bartlett today announced they have created a GoFundMe page to benefit the multitude of individuals positively impacted by the great works done every day by Eva’s Village.

The candidates for county office announced they will be donating $2,500 upon the site’s launch with an initial goal of $5,000 to be raised.  The $5,000 would be a start to providing critical aid for Eva’s Village.  The Passaic County Democratic candidates intend to deliver money raised to Eva’s Village after Tuesday, May 28th.

According to the Eva’s Village website, they are “a nonprofit, comprehensive behavioral health and social service organization with a mission to provide care and support for people struggling with poverty, hunger, homelessness, and addiction.  For over 40 years of service in Paterson, Eva’s has established a unique record in helping individuals struggle with poverty, hunger, homelessness and addiction.”

Eva’s Village provides a community kitchen that serves over 1,100 meals a day, treatment and recovery programs, emergency shelters for men and women and mentorship and workforce training to help individuals find fulfilling careers.

To make a charitable contribution to Eva’s Village, please click here: Adamo, Lazzara, De Vore and Bartlett said, “It is critically important that we all work together to provide necessary resources for tremendous organizations like Eva’s Village wherever we possibly can.  There are so many worthy organizations throughout Passaic County doing the important work to help those in need and we would like to encourage anyone with the ability to help out to do so in any way they can.  Service to community is the bedrock of a civilized society and organizations like Eva’s Village are providing help to people every single day.”

The Passaic County Democratic team continued, “We are in the middle of a very contentious political campaign and will need to utilize every dollar at our disposal to try and counter our opponents’ ill-gained war chest.  But we believe this effort to lead the way in kicking off charitable contributions is simply more important than funding yet another television ad pleading for support.”

Adamo, Lazzara, De Vore and Bartlett made their $2,500 commitment towards the initial $5,000   one day after the anniversary of Jerry Speziale’s 5,000 day old unfulfilled promise to donate his contributions from Democratic donors to charity after he conspired with Chris Christie and leading Republicans to abandon the Democratic Party in the middle of a contentious campaign.

At the time, 5,000 days ago, “MAGA Jerry” Speziale said he would contribute, “For my sick wife-cancer UMDNJ, the needy children, baseball, soccer, kids, sports which I believe in, etc.”.  In true Trump fashion, Speziale did not do that and is instead using those funds to run against the candidates endorsed by the County Democratic Committee and Democrats throughout the county.  Speziale also continues to tell people he received his job at the Port Authority under a Democratic Administration in spite of a sworn affidavit explaining that he was given the job by Governor Chris Christie with the express purpose of trying to decimate county Democrats.  That effort failed.

For more information on “MAGA Jerry” please visit:

To make a charitable contribution to Eva’s Village, please click here:


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