Andrew Zwicker Earns Somerset County Endorsement for Historic State Senate Bid

Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker thanks Gov. Phil Murphy for working with the NJ legislature on the dark money disclosure bill.

Andrew Zwicker Earns Somerset County Endorsement for Historic State Senate Bid


Kingston, NJ — Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker released the following statement after earning the support of the Somerset County Democratic Committee in a vote of acclamation Thursday night. Zwicker will have the endorsement of the Somerset County portion of the 16th Legislative District in his bid to make history this November by becoming the first Democrat to represent the District in the State Senate. The conventions in the Hunterdon, Mercer, and Middlesex portions of the District will be held over the next two weeks.


“I am honored that Somerset County Democrats, through this convention process, have put their faith in me and my commitment to continue to advocate for the people of Somerset County and the 16th District. I look forward to championing issues that improve our communities in Somerset County including the Highlands, one-seat ride, and increased business development.” said Asm. Andrew Zwicker. “This is our best chance at making history and ensuring that the people of the 16th have the representation they deserve not just in the Assembly, but in the Senate as well. This isn’t just about my campaign, this is about working together with every member of the Democratic Party and the entire community to lay the foundation to build a better New Jersey.”


“We need to ensure we have the best public servants representing us in our state legislature,” Said Vice-Chair of the New Jersey State Party and Chairwoman of the Somerset County Democratic Committee Peg Schaffer “the 16th is our best chance this year to pick up a State Senate seat and hopefully grow our majority in November. Somerset County has gone from Republican control to having every county-wide elected office held by a Democrat. Andrew has been a part of that process and the growth of the Democratic Party in Somerset. It’s time we flip the Senate seat offering our best candidate for that position. I look forward to working with Andrew in his bid to make history and represent the people of Somerset County in the State Senate.”


“The 16th District, like most of Somerset, used to be almost guaranteed to be represented by a Republican.” Said Somerset County Commissioner Director Shanel Robinson “We have a chance to make history with Andrew this November and see a Democrat Represent the 16th in the State Senate for the first time in history. He has been a relentless advocate for the people of Somerset and the 16th in the General Assembly and we need his leadership in the State Senate.”


“Assemblyman Zwicker has been a tireless advocate for the constituents of the 16th and the people of Somerset County.” Said Somerset County Deputy Commissioner Sara Sooy “Andrew’s work on protecting our state’s environment while working to reshape New Jersey’s economy to work better for us is exactly the type of thinking we need in the State Senate.”


“Assemblyman Zwicker has been an integral part of the recent success we have had in gaining Democratic representation in Somerset over the past few years.” Said Somerset County Commissioner Melonie Marano “He has continually been an outspoken advocate for all members of our community and brings a truly unique and much-needed perspective to policy-making in the New Jersey Legislature.”


“Assemblyman Zwicker’s track record of sound, fact-based policy absent of rhetoric has made him an example of leadership in the New Jersey State Assembly.” Said Somerset County Commissioner Paul Drake “His commitment to expanding New Jerseyans access to free and fair elections has never been needed more than at this point in our nation’s history.”


“Somerset County has benefited tremendously from the leadership Assemblyman Zwicker has shown in the New Jersey General Assembly.” Said Somerset County Commissioner Doug Singleterry “Now more than ever we need to continue electing representatives who base their decisions on facts and reason especially when it comes to our constituent’s public health and safety. Andrew will be a great advocate for both in the Senate.”


“Andrew has gone above and beyond for the people of Hillsborough Township,” Said Hillsborough Democratic Municipal Chair Bill Dondiego, “In 2015, he was part of the ticket that energized our members and helped us make history in Somerset County. Since then we’ve built on our successes and are more excited than ever to bring a Democrat to the state senate.”


“The past four years have shown us how important it is to work together at every level of our party to get Democrats elected to defend our values,” Said Montgomery Township Democratic Municipal Chair Paul Blodgett, “Andrew is a great example of what can be accomplished when smart and dedicated leaders commit themselves to public service.  We are excited about having a – Senator – Zwicker represent the people of Montgomery, as he has done so well for us in the Assembly.”


“All of the work we have put into building a strong Democratic base in Somerset has finally begun to pay-off for our residents,” Said Branchburg Democratic Municipal Chair Sivakumar Mathusoodana, “but we cannot let up now with so much at stake. Asm. Zwicker has been tremendous in energizing our communities and advocating for our needs in the Assembly, there is nothing we are looking forward to more than having him represent us in the State Senate. Branchburg is proud to stand with Andrew.”


“Four years ago, the Democratic Party in Somerset County had not seen a county-wide victory in close to 35 years,” said Council President and Democratic Municipal Chair of Somerville Fred Wied V, adding “Somerville provided the springboard then to make history and we saw Somerville’s own Steve Peter win as County Clerk in the same year that Assemblyman Zwicker solidified his place in the Assembly with a resounding win. Four years later, Democrats are winning at every level in Somerset County.  We now have a chance to make history in the 16th again and bring a Democratic Senator to the legislature for the first time in history. Andrew has been an incredible public servant and the people of Somerville will be lucky to have him represent us in the State Senate.”

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