Caba Unveils Plan to Improve Perth Amboy’s ‘Quality-of-Life’

Caba Unveils Plan to Improve Perth Amboy’s ‘Quality-of-Life’

PERTH AMBOY, NJ – (Sept. 15, 2020) – Mayoral candidate Helmin Caba unveiled a comprehensive plan today to enhance “quality-of-life” for residents and make this community a more attractive destination for new businesses.

“Quality-of-life improvements will make our city healthier and safer for families. They are also valuable tools to strengthen our local economy,” Caba said. “They would entice corporations, retail stores and clean, light-industries to invest in Perth Amboy, bringing new and better-paying jobs here.”

“New commercial investments would strengthen our tax base without burdening city services. This would enable my Administration to stabilize or reduce taxes for our property owners,” Councilman Caba explained.

Caba and his “2020 Vision for Perth Amboy” council running mates – Rose B. Morales and Bienvenido “BJ” Torres Jr. – have devised “sensible, all-inclusive strategies to make Perth Amboy stronger, safer and more affordable for our residents and businesses,” Caba said.

“City Hall has failed miserably for 12 years to make any meaningful changes to our quality-of-life,” said Caba, also the city’s Democratic chairman. By comparison, Caba’s “2020 Vision” Team would:

  • Resurface major roads; more neighborhood streets
  • Improve traffic flow to alleviate congestion
  • Provide much-needed public parking facilities
  • Increase police visibility to reduce crime
  • Upgrade the city’s aging water & sewer systems
  • Strictly enforce property maintenance ordinances
  • Beautify and maintain city parks, playground
  • Require public utility companies to make crucial upgrades
  • Implement ‘Smart Growth’ development strategies
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