Crispi Announces America First Rally for President Trump

Crispi Announces America First Rally for President Trump


Toms River, NJ — America First Republican Mike Crispi is leading a Stand with Trump Rally on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at the nation’s first and only Let’s Go Brandon store, 1405 NJ-37, Toms River, NJ 08753.


“The weaponization and bastardization of the justice system against President Trump is the most dangerous perversion in our country’s history,” Crispi said.  “Freedom loving patriots who respect the supremacy of the Constitution must unite to send Joe Biden, Adam Schiff, and Alvin Bragg a message: ‘We have Trump’s back!'”


The rally is scheduled in conjunction with the rumored indictment and possible arrest of President Trump over fake charges which long ago expired under the statute of limitations and over which the Soros-backed District Attorney has no authority anyway.


“Make no mistake: Biden and his henchmen know that their influence-peddling enterprise is about to come crashing down,” Crispi said.  “That’s why the order has gone out to Bragg to get Trump and change the narrative.”


Crispi also warned that the indictment of Trump would open the floodgates to other fake charges in other jurisdictions by prosecutors hellbent on getting their 15 minutes of fame as well.


“If we don’t send a clear message — peacefully and patriotically — that Americans won’t stand by and see the American Republic turned into a banana republic by left-wing kooks afflicted by Trump Derangement Syndrome,” Crispi said.


Crispi said the left-wing activists and cultural marxists working to destroy their political opponents through lawfare should recall President Trump’s magnanimity in reaching out to Secretary Clinton and promising to bury the hatchet after the 2016 race as American political leaders have done for centuries.


“If they come after President Trump, they have to know their guys will be next,” Crispi said.  “But from there the country will unravel, the dollar will be replaced as the reserve currency, China’s alliances with the BRICS nations will reign supreme and the last, best hope on earth will be no more.”

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