Democrats to Blame for NJ’s Brain Drain, 10th District Legislators Insist

Democrats to Blame for NJ’s Brain Drain, 10th District Legislators Insist

More college-age residents are leaving New Jersey than any other state, and the 10th District lawmakers say that is a powerful indicator of bigger problems in Democrat-controlled New Jersey.

“State residents are paying their hard-earned tax money to educate our next generation of leaders, but when those students are finally ready to make their mark on the world, they pack up and move out of New Jersey,” said Senator Jim Holzapfel. “Parents send their kids to college out of state, and they end up graduating and taking jobs elsewhere. The upsetting trend weakens our work force and robs the state of earning power.

“I’m worried about the effect of this ‘brain drain’ on our state if Murphy and the Democrats in Trenton continue on their usual destructive path,” Holzapfel continued.

The Wall Street Journal this week published an editorial about Illinois’ loss of young residents that noted “only New Jersey lost more college-aged individuals out of state who never returned.” It cited factors shared by both states, including high taxes and “hefty business taxes [that] have suppressed job growth” and young people following employers out state, and unsustainable public pension debt.

“We cannot possibly compete in the global market if we continue to lose our most capable, promising young people to states with lower taxes and less government interference,” said Assemblyman Greg McGuckin. “Trenton’s policies continue to make New Jersey more unaffordable for all residents. Young residents, with their futures in front of them, find it easy to move away and establish roots in more affordable communities.”

“Even our high school students are well aware of our state’s aggressive taxation and the Trenton Democrats’ impact on the cost of housing, the job market, and the overall cost of living,” said Assemblyman John Catalano. “They fear that if they settle here, they will never be able to afford a home let alone pay the property taxes on top of the mortgage. They leave New Jersey because they think it’s the only option. It is horrible, but our next generation is literally being forced out.”

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