Democrats Gopal, Houghtaling, and Downey Highlight Record of Protecting Tenants, Homeowners in Monmouth County


OCEAN — Having worked tirelessly to control property taxes and help residents contend with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Democrats Vin Gopal, Eric Houghtaling, and Joann Downey today are highlighting their record of promoting affordable housing in the New Jersey legislature.

“Since being in office, Vin Gopal, Joann Downey, and Eric Houghtaling, all representing the 11th Legislative District, have introduced over 70 pieces of legislation that have become law, and have helped more than 2,000 residents in the district – seniors, veterans, families, and students,” said Diane L. Shelton, Master of Social Work. “Among the top issues facing New Jersey residents are housing and healthcare. Our LD-11 Democrats were key sponsors who promoted the construction of more rental housing for veterans. Together, Gopal, Houghtaling, and Downey are making a difference for all NJ residents.”

“Since taking office, controlling property taxes and making Monmouth County a more affordable place to live has been one of our central priorities,” Gopal, Houghtaling, and Downey said. “That goal has become even more urgent as we continue to fight to keep people in their homes despite the devastating economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have already introduced several bills aimed at reducing property taxes and providing housing assistance. We are committed to working with all of our local stakeholders to build on those policies.”

Below are some of Gopal, Houghtaling, and Downey’s top accomplishments on housing policies:

— Protected renters during the COVID-19 pandemic by supporting legislation that enacted a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions.

— Supported legislation to provide $750 million in aid to landlords and tenants affected by the pandemic.

— Ensured low and moderate-income tenants were protected through the end of 2021 after the foreclosure and eviction moratorium was lifted.

— Sponsored legislation providing a gross income tax credit for certain expenses incurred by a qualified caregiver for the care and support of a qualifying senior family member.

— Sponsored legislation establishing a home repair assistance program for homeowners to accommodate their aging parents, providing up to a $25,000 tax credit.

— Increased funding to the Senior Freeze and Homestead Rebate programs to help seniors be able to stay in their homes on fixed incomes and prevent any increases in their property taxes.

— Secured full funding for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, which is used to build and renovate affordable housing units.

— Backed legislation directing federal funding toward rental assistance programs.

— Created additional protections for vulnerable homeowners facing foreclosure by supporting a package of bills.

— Endorsed legislation that provided assistance to tenants struggling to pay their utility bills.

— Sponsored legislation that cracked down on negligent landlords and expanded renters’ rights.

— Sponsored several pieces of legislation designed to create property tax deductions by consolidating municipal services.

— Introduced legislation that would allocate more than $14 million to the Property Tax Relief Fund.

— Provided assistance to more than 6,000 constituents, many of whom were struggling with housing issues.

Senator Vin Gopal, Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling, and Assemblywoman Joann Downey are running for re-election to serve the 11th Legislative District, which covers 18 municipalities within Monmouth County.


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