Five Former Morris County Democratic Chairmen Endorse Jeff Grayzel in LD25 State Senate Race

Five Former Morris County Democratic Chairmen Endorse Jeff Grayzel in LD25 State Senate Race


Five of Morris County’s past Democratic Chairmen have announced their endorsement of Jeff Grayzel in his race for the N.J. State Senate in the 25th Legislative District (LD25). These five leaders of the Democratic Party in Morris County are Lew Candura of Mount Olive, Bill Kersey of Wharton, George Hanley of East Hanover, Horace Chamberlain of Jefferson, and Paul Bangiola of Morristown.


“Jeff has worked hard at running so many elections that finally resulted in turning Morris Township Democratic,” said Lew Candura. “He never stopped working year after year, and then continued working hard as mayor. Jeff’s work ethic and experience are exactly what we need to run against Tony Bucco.”


“Jeff Grayzel has the resume, the track record, and has shown the ability to get Republicans to vote for him,” said Bill Kersey. “He has worked hard for Democrats for a long time and he deserves the support of this party.”


“We should be advancing the people, like Jeff Grayzel, who have already been rewarded by Morris County voters,” said Paul Bangiola. “These elected officials are a proven entity that voters have already invested in and will likely do so again.”


“I am honored to receive endorsements from these five respected leaders of our party who know the political landscape and know what it takes to win in republican-leaning Morris County,” said Jeff Grayzel. “They also understand the importance of experience in running a high-level election like State Senate, and they all agree that I am the best candidate to face off in a very tough race against Senator Tony Bucco.”


In 2019 Jeff Grayzel became the first Democratic Mayor of Morris Township after winning the 2018 election by almost 1,500 votes – and a margin of victory of 16 points. He is the only Democrat ever to be elected to a second term, and now a third term in Morris Township.


Among his accomplishments as mayor were maintaining a flat tax rate in Morris Township, improving infrastructure by extending municipal sewer services, emphasizing shared services initiatives to help save taxpayer dollars, and engaging residents through improved communications. Grayzel currently serves as Chairman of the 5-town Joint Municipal Court, which is frequently cited as one of the top shared services in all of New Jersey.


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