Gottheimer Reacts to Senate Passage of Tax Hike Bill

Gottheimer Reacts to Senate Passage of Tax Hike Bill

WASHINGTON– Today in response to the Senate Passage of the Tax Hike Bill, Congressman Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5) released the following statement:

“This Tax Hike Bill is unmitigated assault and tax hike on New Jersey families and businesses. And, what’s worse, by eliminating the deductions we rely on, it’s a broken promise to every resident and business in our state. That’s why everyone–from the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce to law enforcement to nearly every member of the Congressional delegation, Democrat and Republican alike–voted against the Tax Hike Bill.

“It eliminates our ability to deduct state and local income taxes, brings back the AMT, and nearly eliminates our ability to deduct our property taxes and mortgage interest.   It will send jobs, people and businesses fleeing from our state and send housing prices plummeting.

“It’s another nail in New Jersey’s coffin.

“I want actual tax cuts for New Jersey, and I’ve been working across the aisle to get tax cuts. But this Tax Hike Bill represents yet another huge giveaway to Moocher States like Mississippi and Alabama — at the cost of a huge tax hike on our backs. We must use every tool in our arsenal to fight back, Jersey style, and stand up to the these greedy Moocher States that are shamelessly pillaging our state and future for their gain.”


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