ICYMI: Jack Ciattarelli: Phil Murphy is “way too far left, he’s very extreme”


In case you missed it last night, Jack Ciattarelli said what everyone is thinking: Phil Murphy has “gone way too far left, he’s very extreme.”

With one week to go, the race continues to tighten thanks to Phil Murphy and his buddy Joe Biden’s failing policies. As Ciattarelli pointed out, Murphy’s agenda is way out of touch with Garden State voters who are “fiscally conservative and socially moderate.”

A quick recap? Thanks to Murphy’s extreme policies, residents pay more taxes over a lifetime than anywhere else and pay an average of $931,698 in taxes over their lifetimes. After business closures swept the state, the unemployment rate is at 7.1% and is tied for second worst in the nation. To replenish the unemployment fund, Murphy doubled down on his failed policies and decided to raise taxes on businesses.

Given his high-tax track record, it actually makes sense why Murphy said, “if taxes are your issue, we’re probably not your state.” Ciattarelli emphasized the reality of Murphy’s tone-deaf approach, saying, “He’s basically telling New Jerseyans to leave.”

Bottom Line: Election Day is in one week and Phil Murphy is running scared. Thanks to the extreme, failed policies of Murphy and Biden, Garden Starters are more fired up than ever and ready to send Jack Ciattarelli to Trenton.

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