Kennedy Campaign: One Week Since Unemployment Benefits Expired, No Action From Jeff Van Drew

One Week Since Unemployment Benefits Expired, No Action From Jeff Van Drew


Brigantine, NJ — One week ago today, millions of Americans lost access to extended unemployment benefits, including hundreds of thousands in New Jersey, which now has the second highest unemployment rate in the country. Jeff Van Drew has been silent while Republican leadership has failed to support or pass additional relief legislation to alleviate the economic and health crisis we’re facing. In response, Amy Kennedy released the following statement.


We are in the middle of a pandemic with nearly a million and half New Jereyans who have lost their jobs and are now without crucial unemployment benefits that were keeping them afloat. We have an unprecedented economic crisis and an overwhelming need in our communities for relief. Jeff Van Drew has refused to support previous legislation that would have extended benefits, and now is only concerned with serving himself. The people of South Jersey deserve a fighter that is willing to stand up for the needs of the community.  Jeff Van Drew, we’re calling on you again to use your position to help the people of South Jersey and demand Republican leadership put politics aside to provide the relief Americans need.


Amy believes the next relief package should include: federal aid for state and local governments, small business aid, direct relief to help families stay afloat, support for first responders, funding to make sure schools have the resources they need to move forward and a federal mask mandate.



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