LD26 Democratic Assembly Candidates’ Statement

LD26 Democratic Assembly Candidates’ Statement

New Jersey Legislative District 26 has been dominated by the Republican party
for over four decades. Melissa Brown Blaeuer and Pamela Fadden are running to
change that. Now is the moment — we have a full slate of exceptional Democratic
candidates running for office this year, on an ever-growing blue wave that also elected
Democrats to local and national office in recent years and turned Morris County blue for
President Biden.

We can’t sit back and assume Governor Murphy’s got this in the bag, because
it’s never in the bag, and we have the opportunity to gain even more ground. People in
our thirteen municipalities deserve representatives who remember workers, the
environment and wildlife, quality education and infrastructure. They also deserve
representatives who aren’t afraid to be active in the community and above partisan
noise and charades.

Consider this: We all win when we focus on what really matters:

The Economy
It’s time for bottom-up economics, to build broad strength and stability, and individual
prosperity. We must support unions to protect what working people need and deserve,
and promote 21st-century business know-how, fairness and opportunity to preserve the
American dream.

Let’s enable kids and adults to reach their full potential, through entrepreneurial
business training, quality, affordable college and trade schools, and responsible,
non-predatory education finance.

New Jersey needs to invest in innovative, renewable resources and energy, modern
transportation, and efficient, affordable healthcare and childcare.

In conclusion, realize our opponents are extremists. They offer no solutions to
the problems that have been building for decades. They orchestrated the purge of the
incumbent Republican Assemblywoman from the ballot in the Primary — calling her
“radical” for occasionally working across the aisle. Jay Webber abstained from
condemning the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol, while Christian Barranco’s
convoluted language on his campaign website (seriously – go check) is
incomprehensible and inappropriate for someone seeking high office.

Melissa and Pamela won’t go to Trenton just to stand in the way of what working
people need and deserve. Webber was one of five in the Assembly to vote NO on
increased compensation in pending cases for workers who lost a hand or foot on the job
— hard to believe. Barranco is a union member who ironically avoids mentioning
organized labor, workers rights, wages, and benefits.

Melissa and Pamela value our air, water, and forests as the precious resources
they are to our district and the local economy. Webber scored 17%, the lowest of
anyone in the entire legislature, on the League of Conservation Voters 2021 Scorecard.
Additionally, Webber and Barranco’s policies deny science and disrespect healthcare
and public workers. Their irresponsible approach is dangerous and disregards public
safety, the stability of the economy and our healthcare system.

It’s time for change in LD26. Melissa and Pamela will do this as legislators by
focusing on the economy, education, and infrastructure. Their inclusive approach is
faithful to our American ideals of liberty, equality, and justice for all. Remember to vote
by or on November 2nd for these remarkable women of substance, experience,
integrity, and insight. You can learn more about who we are at

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