LD8 County Chairs Back Stanfield for Senate

Jean Stanfield

LD8 County Chairs Back Stanfield for Senate

Westampton, NJ – Republican Committee Chairmen in Burlington, Atlantic, and Camden counties announced their joint support for Assemblywoman Jean Stanfield as the candidate for the 8th Legislative District Senate seat currently held by party-flipper Dawn Addiego. Stanfield announced her intention to run for the Senate seat earlier this week.

“Jean Stanfield is an outstanding public servant and a proven vote-getter. I’m thrilled she has stepped up once again to represent the people of South Jersey,” said Burlington County Chairman Sean Earlen. “Jean is the perfect candidate to defeat flip-flopping politician Dawn Addiego, and I’m confident Jean will continue to lead the charge to bring accountability to Trenton and fight the burdensome regulations crushing our small businesses.”

“Dawn Addiego sold out and turned her back on her constituents when she changed her party affiliation for personal gain,” said Camden County Chairman Rich Ambrosino. “It’s time the residents of the 8th District have a senator who works for them. That person is without a doubt Jean Stanfield.”

“Residents are fleeing New Jersey at record rates because the state is just not affordable,” said Keith Davis, Atlantic County Chairman. “Jean Stanfield is an experienced leader who has proven in her decades of public service as both Sheriff and an Assemblywoman that she will support families and small business owners while working to safely reopen our State.”

Jean Stanfield served as Burlington County Sheriff for an impressive six terms and had previously held positions of Undersheriff and Assistant Prosecutor. She began her career working for the Division on Civil Rights for the State of New Jersey.


“I want to thank the chairmen for their confidence. We need common sense conservative voices in Trenton to repair the damage Governor Murphy has done to our economy, to taxpayers, and to our seniors,” said Stanfield. “Dawn Addiego has proven to be a rubber stamp for the Murphy agenda of higher taxes, fewer jobs, and sheer incompetence on our nursing homes and vaccine rollout in the midst of this pandemic. The people deserve a check and balance that doesn’t allow complete control to rest with one party in Trenton.”


The 8th Legislative District includes 20 municipalities – 15 in Burlington County, four in Camden County, and Hammonton in Atlantic County. Each organization will hold a convention in the coming weeks where there will be an endorsement vote by the full County Committee to award the party line.

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