Madeleine Giansanti Cag Enters the Race for Ward E City Council 

Madeleine Giansanti Cag Enters the Race for Ward E City Council

The Ward E City Council race gets an experienced professional with strong ties to the community 

JERSEY CITY – Madeleine Giansanti Cag is the latest candidate to declare her candidacy for the Ward E City Council seat in Jersey City. Madeleine has lived in Ward E since 2005 and is running because she wants to ensure that the city moves forward intelligently for all residents while preserving the diversity that makes Jersey City unique.

“We don’t need to make concessions and entice anyone to come to Jersey City like we once did. We can now reflect on our city, evaluate what is working and make improvements that benefit the entire community,” said Cag.

Madeleine Giansanti Cag is a corporate law attorney in private practice for more than fifteen years. She acts as an advisor and investor to innovative start-up companies headed by women and minority founders. She has been active in numerous public interest and volunteer efforts including immigration reform and advocating against discriminatory legislation.

“Ward E has grown exponentially in the past decade,” added Cag, “and Jersey City is at a crossroads. We need someone with a deep understanding of the community as well as real world, sophisticated experience to advocate for the residents of Ward E.”

As the City Councilwoman for Ward E, Madeleine will work tirelessly for Jersey City by demanding that businesses and developers are holding up their end of the bargain and community benefits are realized. She will encourage corporate philanthropy in our community. And, she will hold the government accountable to the needs, wants, and concerns of downtown residents.  As an advocate for the arts, Madeleine is dedicated to funding the arts and quality of life enhancements in our community. She currently serves on the board of the Nimbus Dance Works.

“We need someone representing Ward E with experience. The Ward E representative needs to know what is going on in the city, to question the details and to be here for the long term to ensure the community is getting what they are promised, what they deserve.”

Madeleine Giansanti Cag is the daughter of Italian immigrants, has a fine art degree from Washington University, earned her Masters’ degree from Rutgers’ Division of Global Affairs and her Juris Doctorate (law) degree from Rutgers University.  Madeleine, together with her husband, Yuksel, have raised two daughters in Paulus Hook.

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