Mastrangelo Calls Out Sen. Pennacchio For Voting For Woke “Disinformation” Bill That Will Target School Children

(Montville, NJ) State Senator Joseph Pennacchio (R-26) helped further the woke agenda when he voted for a new school bill pushed by Democratic Gov. Murphy’s administration, says Tom Mastrangelo, a Morris County Commissioner and candidate for state Senate.

In January, Pennacchio voted in favor of a school curriculum bill that purports to teach children how to decide what constitutes accurate information and what does not.
The legislation is heavily influenced by Rowan University adjunct professor Olga Polites, the New Jersey advocacy leader for a non-profit organization called Media Literacy Now, which is trying to infiltrate school districts nationwide.

In an article for a PBS news outlet, Polites pointed to a number of “bad actors” in the media… and went on to name only conservatives such as Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, the deceased radio host Rush Limbaugh and conservative best-selling author, Mark Levin – while praising the left-leaning Washington Post as a trusted media source.

Mastrangelo called the new curriculum “blatantly anti-conservative and against Republicans.”

Mastrangelo said the left is not only a major source of disinformation, but of something worse – censorship. He noted how Twitter silenced the NY Post’s shocking news on Hunter Biden’s laptop and his connections to China in the fall of 2020. The left-wing media dutifully ignored the Hunter Biden story to help President Biden get elected.

“Doesn’t Sen. Pennacchio recognize that the liberals’ goal is to control information and that by voting in favor of their legislation, he is helping the left-wing extremists censor conservative ideas and thoughts,” said Mastrangelo. “The legislation the senator supported is like the left’s new sex curriculum which is being used to influence children and undermine conservative values.”

Mastrangelo compared the state “disinformation” legislation to the 2022 effort by President Joe Biden’s administration to establish a “Disinformation Governance Board” to combat “disinformation.” The project was abandoned after being ridiculed as Anti-American and an attack on free speech.
“What the left can’t do yet on the federal level, it is doing on the state level; trying to control information and eliminate sources that disagree with their liberal propaganda messages. And Joe Pennacchio is helping them,” said Mastrangelo.


The veteran Morris County Commissioner added that the Washington Examiner has been publishing a series on how the left is trying to muzzle conservative news outlets worldwide. The Examiner uncovered an organization called The Global Disinformation Index, which is pressuring advertisers not to support conservative media. The GDI has said that the 10 “riskiest” outlets are the American Spectator, the Federalist, Reason the and New York Post among others, according to a recent Examiner article. The GDI has received federal funding through the U.S. State Department.

“I don’t see CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post or the New York Times on that list,” quipped Mastrangelo.

Parents Unite co-founder and executive director Ashley Jacobs, whose organization is dedicated to working toward diversity of thought in schools, recently told Fox News that she believes the law is essentially New Jersey admitting students have not been taught how to think critically using facts and logic.

“Why would someone claiming to be a conservative fall for such an obvious liberal ploy as the disinformation curriculum?” asked Mastrangelo. “Joe Pennacchio is failing our party and betraying our values.”

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