Mayor Mahr: Progressive Leadership Prevails Again All Across Union County

Progressive Leadership Prevails Again All Across Union County

“Last Tuesday’s Democratic primary election was about Fanwood residents and residents across Union County voting to keep our values and leaders local. The results showed us when we chose to fight for each other and the communities we live in, we can succeed. We did it on Tuesday, and we just did it again.

After the Municipal Chair and Committee elections last night, we are finally beginning to see and feel the difference of progressive leadership and having new voices in our local Democratic Parties. Garwood, Linden, Mountainside, New Providence and Westfield elected new Democratic Committee leadership, including for the first time three Indian-American women as Chairs.


The historic number of women and People of Color now holding leadership positions in our Democratic Party is long overdue, and this moment we’ve been working toward has finally arrived. We need to remember this feeling, and keep fighting for it again and again, because this is what we are capable of and we cannot go backwards.


Congratulations to all the newly elected and re-elected Committee Chairs and Members who fought against the County political machine and for the residents in our communities—and won. There’s a lot of work ahead of us these next two years, and it will take all of us to keep this momentum going to strengthen our towns, and reform the county to better serve the needs of our residents.


I’m committed to working alongside you, and upholding our values of inclusion, transparency, and accountability. I know you are too.”

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