PERTH AMBOY, NJ— Mayor Wilda Diaz held a press conference for the unveiling of the taskforce recommendations today Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. in the Perth Amboy City Hall Council Chambers located at 260 High Street, Perth Amboy.


Mayor Diaz was joined by city officials, residents and taskforce members including, Robert Garrison and Robert Medina and Donna Chiera for a public delivery on the recommendations provided by the members of the taskforce.


I am pleased to announce that we’ve reached a milestone in nearly completing the taskforce report. However, most importantly, we will be finalizing the report with a public meeting to be held on Monday, September 18th at the Brighton Avenue Community Center for the input and feedback from our residents.


“The collective goal was to draft an inclusive and expansive vision of growth and development for Perth Amboy.  And I am proud to say that many of the recommendations that were brought to the table are either in progress or have come to fruition,” said Mayor Wilda Diaz.


The entire Strategic Task Force is represented by more than 50 community members and leaders, who are both involved in our community and across the state. The members assisted in launching a 4-year plan that will serve as a guide for our City’s future.


Throughout the course of 9 months, these members evaluated the City’s overall operations, department functions and services to the public. The steering committees focused on values relating to: Historic Preservation, Economic Development, Education, Public Safety, Quality of Life and Recreational and Social Services.


“One of the greatest accomplishments this administration has seen is in the area of redevelopment and economic development and the PILOT agreement supported by our City Council. “Through this agreement, the City has secured over $2.2 million in annual revenue stream that will benefit our community long-term,” said Mayor Wilda Diaz. “Additionally, the redevelopment and financial agreements, provide for best efforts by the redeveloper and their tenants to hire local individuals and union workers.”


Some of the recommendations included:



o   Stimulate the local economy and create jobs for the residents of Perth Amboy

o   It is also recommended that the City hire a professional grant writer to prepare and obtain state and federal grants for the city agencies to advance economic development and growth.

o   The City should look to create a Hotel District in order to attract hotels large enough to draw conferences and visitors.

o   Perth Amboy should increase the amount of PILOTs / Long Term Tax Abatements in order to stimulate the local economy and create jobs for residents of the city.


o   The committee urges the City and the Board to continue the ongoing discussions on how they can improve their working relationships.

o   Considering there will be two new schools in the district; a High School and an Elementary School possibly within the next 5 years. The Board of Education, City of Perth Amboy, Perth Amboy American Federation of Teachers, and a community coalition should begin to investigate the community school model which provides, educational programs, services and other community oriented enrichment programs.


o   Establish “Heritage Points” – sites that are given bronze plaques that describe the historic relevance of that particular site. Assisting the Historic Preservation Commission.

o   Establish pocket museums throughout the City. They can be as simple as a small room dedicated to a particular collection and within a building usually open to the public or as grand as the Proprietary House.

o   Create a standing committee amongst stakeholder community members and representatives of local boards.


o   Continue to foster relationships with the department & community to ensure we’re all on the same team

o   This committee recommends the administration continue to invest in both and apply for grant funding for police and fire departments.

o   Considering homelessness is a challenge for urban municipalities face throughout the state, it is recommended that a standing task force be established to allow for communication and coordination amongst community organizations, first responders and other stakeholders.


The goal of the taskforce was to evaluate the City’s overall operations, inclusive of department functions and services to the public, through a comprehensive and transparent process. The final report will be a supplement to Mayor’s Diaz third-term mayoral goals for the City of Perth Amboy.


The final report will be released this autumn season and a public meeting will be held on Monday, September 18th at the Brighton Avenue Community Center to gain input and feedback from residents to finalize the report. The strategic plan will span for a total of 4 years, from 2017-2021, in order for the administration to revisit goals after establishing the structural plan in the final report.


For additional information about the City of Perth Amboy, please visit:



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