MCRC Chair Congratulates Party Nominees and Morris GOP

Laura Ali

MCRC Chair Congratulates Party Nominees and Morris GOP

Looking Forward to Beating Democrats in November 

                                                                          June 11, 2021

Morris County Republican Committee Chair Laura Ali said the June 8 Primary Election –   the first election under the organization’s new format featuring candidates running on the MCRC line – was a large success and demonstrated the benefits of having a party line.

All of MCRC backed candidates chosen at a convention were successful on Tuesday night, noted Ali, who championed the line designation in February.

“I’d like to congratulate all the winners especially our State Assemblyman Jay Webber and State Assembly nominee Christian Barranco, along with State Committee representatives Larry Casha and Christina Ramirez on their incredible victories in their very tough primaries.  I would also like to compliment Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce on her campaign and thank her for her years of dedication and service to Morris County and New Jersey.”

“The party line did what we thought it would do – it united Republicans behind the choice of the rank-and-file members of the MCRC. At the end of the night that unity meant more than large sums of money spent by outside independent Democratic PAC in the Republican Primary,” said Ali

Rather than looking back, Ali is looking forward to sending a message to Democrats.

“The Primary Election was hard fought and I congratulate all the winners and all the participants in the election, but now it’s time for all Republicans to come together to do what we are supposed to do – defeat Democrats in November,” said Ali.

The Chairwoman said the Morris County Republican Committee has never been stronger. “Now our goal is to further invest in strengthening our party and in voter outreach so that Morris County can be the deciding force in electing gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli in November, bringing with him a majority in the State Legislature.

“I want the MCRC to be competitive in every municipality in the county – and to win every state legislative and county commissioner election.  I not only want to win the races we should win; I want to win races that people think we can’t win,” said Ali. “We are uniquely positioned to do just that,” she added.

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