Middlesex County Sheriff Candidate Gallo’s 6 Point Plan

Gallo’s 6 point “Action Plan” once elected by the People as Middlesex NJ County Sheriff. A Sheriff that will be for ALL of the People of Middlesex County!

• A Constitutional Sheriff!
As Sheriff I fully intend to be a Constitutional Sheriff and follow the Constitution in all matters to protect the people of Middlesex County. As your Sheriff I will listen to the People not the Politicians

• Create a Drug Interdiction Team
I will create a Drug interdiction Team to help combat the Opioid and Drug crisis in our communities that are destroying Families, My office will help by working with Local Community leaders to help Educate our youth in our Schools and community centers throughout the County, we will have Sheriff’s Officers patrolling communities where needed and connect with the People in those communities in an effort to create a more safe environment in pursuit of our unalienable right to life, Liberty and Happiness. It’s time for the Sheriff’s Office to fulfill its duties as a Constitutional Law officer and protect the People of Middlesex County.

• Team Work
There is no “I” in Team so as Sheriff I will work with my team of Sheriff’s Officers to see what is needed on the ground in our daily duties to protect the People of this County.

• Community and Senior outreach programs
I will be reaching out to local community leaders to see what is needed from my office in an effort to help make our communities safer for our Families. This will include helping our seniors by creating a cyber-crimes education awareness program to include phone scams, package delivery theft and Internet scams.

• Expand the duties of the Sheriff’s office
I intend to expand the Sheriff’s role in Middlesex County which will help protect the People who reside here. Including Sheriff Officer Patrols in our communities, County Highways and Roads.

• Expanded Programs and Equipment
I will look for new grants in order to get new equipment and create the new programs that are needed within the Sheriff’s department to help protect the People of Middlesex County.

Vote Gallo for Sheriff of Middlesex County, NJ 2019

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