New Jersey voters demand Democrats ‘Stop the Madness’

Dozens of voters across New Jersey showed up in droves in front of Rep. Andy Kim’s Toms River district office demanding that he and Reps. Tom Malinowski, Mikie Sherrill and Josh Gottheimer ‘Stop the Madness’ and end the baseless impeachment and investigation witch hunt against President Trump.

New Jersey resident and America Winning Coalition President Steve Rogers rallied the crowd stating that New Jerseyans stand “shoulder to shoulder with President Trump.”


“With this impeachment witch hunt, Reps. Kim, Sherrill, Gottheimer and Malinowski are putting politics before facts and they have no credibility. They reneged on their promises, and they are working against America and against New Jersey by siding with the far-left socialist agenda,” Rogers said.

The people of New Jersey were fired up, holding their Representatives accountable for their endless investigations.  This comes on the heels of Rep. Tom Malinowski admitting today that the impeachment efforts are pure political games, saying it’s “not a particularly important choice” to have an impeachment inquiry vote. It’s been clear from the start that the Democrats efforts are solely based on tearing down President Trump – not about finding the facts.

But voters are fighting back.  “If they think the people of New Jersey are not watching and listening, we have a message for them: we are watching! And we are going to flip these blue seats to the color red, make no mistake of it!” Rogers added.

Today’s counter-impeachment event is part of a nationwide effort to hold vulnerable Democrats, like Reps. Kim, Sherrill, Malinowski and Gottheimer, accountable for their extreme actions and politically motivated behavior. Recently, the RNC debuted a new website,, which operates as a one-stop clearing house to defend the president– including opportunities for people to sign up as a volunteer, details on how to show up to a counter protest, and more. A $2 million TV and digital buy is also part of the nationwide push against 60+ vulnerable Democrats who campaigned on reaching across the aisle to work with President Trump – including targeting New Jersey Democrats’ districts.

“The ‘Stop the Madness’ campaign is a way to cause chaos in districts of Democrats like Andy Kim, Tom Malinowski, Mikie Sherrill and Josh Gottheimer who promised voters one thing when they went to Washington, but have turned around and done the exact opposite. This bogus impeachment witch hunt, combined with the socialist policies espoused by the left, will sink New Jersey Democrats’ chances at the ballot box in 2020.” – RNC Spokesperson Mandi Merritt

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