Nine Year Old Daughter of NJ Women’s March Founder Inspires Kids at RBG Legacy Rally

Nine Year Old Daughter of NJ Women’s March Founder Inspires Kids at RBG Legacy Rally

Plainfield, NJ – Nine year old Charlotte Meyer spoke at the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Legacy Rally in Plainfield yesterday, hoping to lift up the voices of children. The rally at the de Cret Art School, hosted by the League of Women Voters New Jersey and its chapters from across the state, was an arm of the national Women’s March 2020 event in Washington D.C. and sought to honor Ginsburg’s commitment to social justice.

“I am here this afternoon to begin carrying on the dreams of Justice Ginsburg. To use my power, like she did, to make this world a more fair and equal place,” said Meyer.

Charlotte spoke to a crowd of about 200 socially distanced participants, some who travelled from as far as Brick, New Jersey. She was joined on stage by fourteen other speakers, including Assemblywoman Linda Carter, Plainfield councilwoman Ashley Davis, and League of Women Voters New Jersey President Nancy Hedinger. The diverse slate advocated for gender, racial, social, and economic justice.

Meyer spoke last, a symbol of the next generation of activists.

“If you have something to say, your opinion matters. If you see someone being bullied at school, say something. If you see something unfair happening, say something. If you see someone lying to others, say something,” Meyer said, “Often we don’t realize how powerful our voice is until we use it. And there are so many children and adults who can’t speak up, and we need to be their voices for them.”

Meyer concluded, “Justice Ginsburg was a mom. She knew what it was like to raise kids in an unfair world. Let’s all stand together, stand up for one another, and create the world she hoped for.”

Meyer received a standing ovation from the crowd.

Charlotte became an activist in 2017, following the election of Donald Trump. She is the daughter of Elizabeth Meyer, founder and lead organizer of the Women’s March on New Jersey.

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