NJCBA: Recent Health Concerns Regarding ‘Vaping’ Is Exactly Why We Need A Legal And Regulated Cannabis Industry

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NJCBA: Recent Health Concerns Regarding ‘Vaping’ Is Exactly Why We Need A Legal And Regulated Cannabis Industry

Trenton – Health organizations across the country are ringing the alarm bell to alert those who are “vaping” with e-cigarettes and cannabis.  The focus of the concern is the inclusion of Vitamin E oil in some of the vape products that are being sold in different areas across the country.

Fortunately for medicinal cannabis patients in New Jersey, Vitamin E oil is not a permitted ingredient and not in use by any of New Jersey’s Alternative Treatment Centers.  However, this issue highlights the need for regulations, standards and testing of cannabis as a consumable product in all of its forms.

“The current health scare surrounding vaping is exactly why we need a smartly regulated cannabis industry that includes safety standards and testing, just like you find in other regulated industries,” stated Scott Rudder, President of the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association (NJCBA).

“We are fortunate in New Jersey that our Alternative Treatment Centers already operate under strict guidelines that are set forth by the New Jersey Department of Health,” added Rudder.  “These guidelines and standards are in place to protect patients first and foremost.”

While the Center for Disease Control continues to track down the exact cause of the recent health issues surrounding vaping, there are zero cases in New Jersey where someone purchased a legal medicinal cannabis vape cartridge and was injured by the ingredients.

“The general belief is that people are being hurt by vape products sold illegally in the illicit market.  This is a reminder to all:  Drug dealers do not have safety standards.  Drug dealers do not test.  Drug dealers do not card.  Drug dealers do not care what happens after you leave. Do not buy products from the illicit market.  Period. Only buy products from a trusted legal source where you can be assured that quality control and safety standards are in place for your protection.  You will only find that in a properly regulated and legal medicinal and adult-use industry,” added Rudder.

About The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association

The NJCBA’s mission is to promote jobs and growth in a sustainable and responsible cannabis industry. Starting with the pioneers in the medical cannabis market to the emerging players in the adult-use space, the NJCBA’s focus is to make certain that decision makers and regulators understand and respect the needs of the CannaBusiness community and that our community remain responsible corporate citizens. Scott Rudder is a former Republican state legislator, mayor, veteran and current government affairs executive.  In addition to his government and political leadership roles, Scott led Business Development efforts for Lockheed Martin Corporation with a focus on energy systems and radar programs.

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