NJGOP Committeeman Sotomayor Einstein Condemns Statements by Hudson County GOP Chairman Arango

NJGOP Committeeman Sotomayor Einstein Condemns Statements by Hudson County GOP Chairman Arango

Hudson County, NJ – NJ GOP State Committeeman Joshua Sotomayor Einstein condemned recent statements by do-nothing Hudson County Republican Chairman Jose Arango which repeated left-wing partisan attacks targeting volunteer elected official Bayonne Board of Education Trustee Michael Alonso. Alonso is one of Hudson County’s few elected Republicans. “Arango has once again shown everyone how he works against Republicans and for the Hudson County Democrat machine,” Sotomayor Einstein stated. He continued, “if Arango were a Republican he would be working to get more Republicans elected in Hudson County, not joining the extremist Democrat attacks against one of our only elected officials.”

In a June 4th press release picked up and turned into an article by a number of local news sites, Arango and his unidentified “leadership team” wrote a grammatically compromised hit piece attacking Bayonne BOE Trustee Alonso, falsely claiming that he made “racially charged comments.” “Arango and his “leadership team” were unable to quote Alonso’s allegedly “racially charged comments” because they, like Arango’s efforts on behalf of the Republican Party, don’t exist,” said Sotomayor Einstein. Rather, the Democrat effort to muddy Trustee Alonso, parroted by Arango, was reported by Hudson County View to consist of two statements  – “where will the Bayonne Riot Start? Walmart — QuickChek — ShopRite?” and a meme that “appears to show presidential candidate Joe Biden (D) changing the “Black Lives Matter” logo to “Black Votes Matter,” with Biden saying he “fixed it.””  Sotomayor Einstein observed, “Arango may live in left-wing land under the protection of his Democrat masters, but actual Republicans, independents, and regular people are very concerned about the rioting just across the river and in cities across the nation.”

Attacking one of Hudson County’s handful of Republicans holding elective office in order to score a few cheap points with the far left may be a way to curry favor with Arango’s Democrat bosses, but building and growing the county Republican Party, it is not. Moreover, Alonso’s second statement that Biden and the Democrats only care about black votes is so widely spread an idea, even many Black Live Matters activists have stated as much via social media. “The vast majority of America’s urban areas in which BLM is protesting and which they allege are unsafe spaces for black Americans have been ruled by Democrat politicians for decades and decades, this fact might hit too close to home for Arango as his de facto job for roughly 20 years has been to work for the Hudson County Democrat bosses,” said Sotomayor Einstein. He continued, “Arango should immediately apologize to all Republicans and resign. Arango’s shameless abuse and misuse of his position to attempt to ruin other Republicans and support Democrats is not only bad for the GOP but deprives Hudson County voters of a true alternative to the Hudson County Democrat machine for which he works.”

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