Pascrell Statement on Tiananmen Democracy Movement Anniversary

Pascrell Statement on Tiananmen Democracy Movement Anniversary

PATERSON, NJ – U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) today issued a statement marking the anniversary of the murder of democracy protestors in Tiananmen Square by the Chinese Communist Party and important parallels to observe today.


“Thirty-one years ago, the repressive Chinese Communist Party violently attacked peaceful protestors. Even today, we do not know how many were murdered in Tiananmen Square for their pursuit of liberty,” said Rep. Pascrell. “Not much has changed with China’s record of human rights abuses in the decades since, as China snuffs out democracy in Hong Kong, brutally represses the Uyghurs, abuses the Tibetan people, and unjustly imprisons journalists, human rights lawyers, and democracy advocates. As the Chinese government expands its negative influence across the globe, recognizing this anniversary is important to keep alive the flickering flames of freedom.”


“And this anniversary takes special significance for Americans as our own peaceful protestors demonstrate for racial justice and equality and against continuing attacks on our own democracy. In response, Donald Trump has retreated behind growing walls around the People’s House, gassed protestors, and continues to flood our capital city with federal soldiers refusing to identify themselves and others provided by the states.


“Military occupation of American cities and streets is a sign not of strength, but of feeble weakness and betrays the terror failed leaders have of democracy itself. No government rooted in democracy has reason to fear its citizens. In great collective pain, and under unbearable pandemic strain, Americans are showing that their commitment to freedom is stronger than any gun or any tank. Donald Trump’s military occupation of American cities must end. That is the best way – the only way – that America can mark this anniversary.”



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