The Rahway Democratic Committee commends Rahway resident Brandon Givens for strengthening Democratic priorities across the state.

At the bi-annual reorganization meeting of the New Jersey Young Democrats in early July, Brandon Givens of Rahway (Union County) was elected Central Vice President of the NJ Young Democrats executive board. The New Jersey Young Democrats are a chartered unit of the Young Democrats of America and represent Democrats under the age of 36 in the State of New Jersey. Givens joins a slate of new young professionals who make up one of the most diverse executive committees ever held by NJYD.
In June, Givens was elected as the Executive Director, alongside Regina Apollon, of the Union County Young Democrats executive board. Givens is also an active member of the Rahway Young Democrats.
“The Rahway Democratic Committee is proud to support Brandon Givens in his efforts to increase the impact of the Young Democrats organizations across the state – building a new generation of leaders in the Democratic Party,” said Rahway Democratic Committee Chairman Kevin O’Brien. “With the state of government and politics in our country right now, we need young leaders like Brandon to advance the priorities of the Democratic Party.”

Givens experience in government and civic engagement is unarguably influential for the young professional. Givens is a Democratic Committee Member for the Democratic Party of New Jersey. In 2016, he served as the Union County, NJ Recruiting Coordinator for Hillary for America in 2016. He is also a commissioner of the Rahway Zoning Board of Adjustments. Givens is the Director of the Division of Community Services for Union County.

The Rahway Democratic Committee pursues the high civic values of democratic government by supporting competent candidates to represent the political organization in Rahway. The Rahway Democratic Committee extends highest regards to Brandon Givens of Rahway for his leadership and commitment to our shared democratic values.

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