Representative Malinowski Invites Tom Kuster, CEO of Merit Controls, to President Biden’s State of the Union Address

(Somerville, NJ) Representative Tom Malinowski announced that his virtual guest for President Biden’s State of the Union address will be Tom Kuster, CEO of Merit Controls, a Somerville, New Jersey-based company that produces modern grid integration products and services to advance the clean energy transition. The company received a federal Paycheck Protection Program loan, which helped to keep its employees on the payroll throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will also support Merit Controls through the bill’s historic investments into our modern electrical grid.

Tom Kuster has over 30 years of leadership in the power, energy and critical infrastructure markets, with a proven track record of success in developing high-growth businesses. A seasoned renewables industry veteran, Kuster’s pioneering efforts contributed to the launch of the utility-scale solar market in the U.S. decades ago. Merit Controls was founded on the premise that clean energy deployment should be both responsible and equitable. As such, building sustainable communities, mitigating the climate crisis, and contributing to economic stability via job reskilling and training are built into the company’s DNA.

“President Biden’s infrastructure bill is supporting businesses like Merit Controls that are freeing New Jersey from reliance on fossil fuels and powering America to clean energy,” said Representative Malinowski. “I’m honored to highlight Tom Kuster and his company for growing the solar industry in our district, and I will keep fighting for policies that encourage us to build the technologies of the future right here at home.”

“As a seasoned renewables veteran leading a team of like-minded individuals, I know the impact that clean energy policy has on job creation, economic expansion and sustainable business practices. In fact, our company has seen this firsthand here in New Jersey as we benefited greatly from earlier collaboration and support from Rep. Malinowski’s office,” remarked Tom Kuster, CEO of Merit Controls. “Today, we applaud the Congressman’s advocacy for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and I am especially pleased with the increased infrastructure investments to modernize our transmission grid. The IIJA will help to secure our domestic power supply and sustain our energy independence, both of which are strategic for the U.S. in these difficult socio-political times. I am honored that the Congressman invited me to (virtually) attend President Biden’s State of the Union today and I am thrilled to support this crucial legislation.”

The State of the Union Address will highlight the achievements and work still to be done under the leadership of President Biden. While safety protocols mean this year’s in-person attendance will be limited, this year’s virtual guests are a way for Congress to honor American workers and highlight their stories.

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