Republican Leaders Endorse Tayfun Selen for Morris County Freeholder

With algae bloom closing the lake to swimmers, local office holders and candidates are trying to portray themselves as chief protectors of Lake Hopatcong, the state’s largest freshwater lake, going forward.

Republican Leaders Endorse Tayfun Selen for Morris County Freeholder

Chatham Township _ Tayfun Selen, Chatham Township’s former mayor, has received the endorsement of several distinguished Republican officials and leaders in Morris County, where he is vying for an unexpired term on the Board of Chosen Freeholders in a special convention to be held Saturday.
“I am deeply honored to have the support of so many people in Morris County, particularly these leading public officials whose decades of individual service to the people of this region has been immeasurable. Their confidence in my ability to serve as a Morris County freeholder with integrity and diligence is humbling as well as uplifting, and I promise to live up to everyone’s expectations if elected,” said Selen.
The endorsements include:

Senator Joe Pennacchio

“I have known Tayfun for many years. He has a compelling story as an adoptive son of this country. He will bring that enthusiasm and respect for traditional conservative values to the Morris County Board of Freeholders. I am proud to endorse him!”

Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce

“Tayfun is one of the most dependable people I know. He has been a steadfast supporter of our Republican Party, standing behind our candidates in the toughest of elections. He is a man of great character and integrity; a smart businessman who will be able to put his professional skills to work as a Morris County Freeholder. He will be a true asset!”

Morris County Sheriff Jim Gannon

“Tayfun Selen is not only a unifying force in the Morris County Republican Party, he also is an honest, hardworking public servant who will bring a fresh sense of commitment to the county freeholder board to keep taxes under control and maintain our quality of life here!”

Freeholder Stephen Shaw

“We are fortunate to have so many qualified individuals willing to answer  the call to public service on the Morris County Freeholder Board. Of this talented group, Tayfun is the candidate to support at this time. Tayfun has worked tirelessly getting to know and supporting Republican candidates throughout the county. He has a compelling personal story, will hit the ground running and gives us the best chance of success in what will be a very challenging November election!”

John Sette, Former Morris County Freeholder and Republican Committee Chairman

“Tayfun represents what is great about our nation. He took advantage of the freedom and opportunity America has to offer, became a successful businessman and has dedicated himself ever since to repaying our community with his astute and dedicated public service. He always supported MCRC during my tenure as Chairman, both financially and by helping to elect all of our Republican candidates. Morris County will benefit greatly by placing him on the Freeholder Board.”

Chatham Township Mayor Mike Kelly

I hope you’ve had the chance to meet Tayfun personally. If you have, you know that he would make an excellent Freeholder. He ran for Assembly at the request of the Republican party when nobody else would do it. He actively campaigned across the district, meeting officials and learning the issues. As Mayor of Chatham Township he supported Republican candidates in successful election campaigns across Morris County. As a Freeholder he would be an asset for the county and for the party.”

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