Our Revolution New Jersey on Passage of Build Back Better Act “This Is The Power Of The Progressive Movement” 

Gottheimer Rally

STATEMENT: Our Revolution New Jersey on Passage of Build Back Better Act “This Is The Power Of The Progressive Movement”

WASHINGTON – Our Revolution New Jersey, the largest grassroots funded progressive organization in the Garden State issued the following statement by its longtime organizer, Anna-Marta Visky, on the House of Representatives passing the Build Back Better Act.


“The House of Representatives just passed the Build Back Better Act, the most transformational piece of legislation in generations. 

Simply put, this is a result of progressive activists pressuring centrist Members of Congress, like NJ-5 Representative Josh Gottheimer, to deliver for working families.  

Over the last several months, we have been pushing back on his attempts to water down this legislation to make it favor only the wealthy and corporations, and today we have succeeded. 

Through an inside/outside strategy, our movement has been able to improve the bill, even as centrists and corporate interests tried to water it down.

This is the power of the progressive movement — when we remain united, when we organize, we deliver real change.

For the good of the American people, we urge the Senate to pass the Build Back Better Act in swift fashion without delay.” 

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Our Revolution is dedicated to organizing a political revolution strong enough to challenge the structural forces that threaten our survival as a society. Together, we are building a national grassroots network of powerful local groups who are fighting to win progressive issue fights, elect progressive champions, transform the Democratic party and get big money out of politics.

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