Revolutionizing Landscaping for the Future of Earth

Edison, NJ,– MIZELA, short for Middlesex Initiative for Zero Emissions Landscaping Alternatives, is excited to announce a free public demonstration event on April 14th with several leading providers of eco-friendly landscaping solutions. This demonstration will highlight the capabilities and benefits of state-of-the-art zero emissions alternatives for residential and commercial landscaping equipment.
MIZELA is a group consisting of various Environmental Commissions and Boards of Health from Middlesex County. The event will take place on April 14th from 12pm to 3pm at Yelencsics Park/Senior Center in Edison. Attendees will be given an opportunity to witness firsthand the power and efficiency of electric landscaping tools.
Demonstrations will showcase innovative electric landscaping equipment and demonstrate its effectiveness in maintaining beautiful outdoor spaces while reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution. By embracing electric alternatives, we can provide environmentally conscious solutions that contribute to a greener future.
Attendees can expect live demonstrations of various electric landscaping tools, as well as the opportunity to speak with experts about the advantages of transitioning to electric equipment. Additionally, there will be informational sessions on sustainable landscaping practices and how businesses and homeowners can make the switch to eco-friendly solutions.
This event is free and open to the public, offering a family-friendly environment with activities for all ages. Whether you’re a landscaping professional, homeowner, or simply interested in sustainable technologies, this demonstration is sure to provide valuable insights and inspiration.
For more information about the electric landscaping equipment demo on April 14, please visit
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