Singer: Sad Mother’s Day Scene at Boardwalk Highlights Absurd Lockdown Policies

As senators in Trenton debate revisions to the state's medical marijuana program, Senator Robert Singer sends the bill back to the floor in hopes of removing a provision that would charge sales tax. The initiative failed and Singer, along with other senators, voted for the bill, saying the changes will help many people, even if it's not perfect.

Singer: Sad Mother’s Day Scene at Boardwalk Highlights Absurd Lockdown Policies

Administration Also Cracks Down on Drive by Parades that Have Included School Classes & First Responders

Senator Robert Singer (R-30) relayed a sad interaction he had yesterday on Mother’s Day that highlights the absurdity of current state lockdown orders:

“My family went out for a walk yesterday at a nearby boardwalk to get some fresh air on a beautiful Mother’s Day. Everyone that we saw was being respectful of others and maintaining good distancing.

“As we walked off the boardwalk and down a side-street, we came upon an elderly woman sitting alone on a curb. We asked her if she was okay. She told told us she couldn’t be with her family on Mother’s Day, so she decided to take a walk by herself on the boardwalk. When she tired, she sat for a moment on a bench to rest. That’s when someone approached her and berated her for violating lockdown rules by sitting on a bench, so she got up and left the boardwalk and moved to a curb down by the street where we found her.

“How does any of this make sense? We now have the COVID police yelling at elderly women who are alone on Mother’s Day. An elderly woman sitting on a bench by herself isn’t a threat to anyone. It’s absurd, and it’s far from the only example of nonsensical policies from this administration.

“After canceling graduation ceremonies, the administration now is cracking down on the drive-by parades that everyone from school classes to first responders have taken part in to boost morale during this difficult time. What purpose does that serve? Waving to friends, classmates, and neighbors from the confines of a car does not put anyone at risk. It seems like the governor wants to squeeze every last bit of joy from people’s lives.”

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