Statement from William T. Mullen

Mullen, right, with former Speaker Joe Roberts.

CLARK —– William T. Mullen, President of the New Jersey Building & Construction Trades Council today released the following statement in response to Advanced Media’s May 13, 2021 article allegations regarding forced labor at a New Jersey house of worship:

It is tragic to see that even in this day and age that people are working in conditions that take advantage of their circumstances instead of paying them the true value of their work.

I have dedicated my life’s work to ensure that hard working men and women are paid a fair and equitable wage. Workers and their families deserve a real living wage. It is egregious in a state that has a great history of advocating for labor rights, this can still happen today. The labor movement was born out of protecting workers exploited in subpar or, more sadly, life-threatening conditions.

Here in New Jersey we currently have the best case scenario. We have our own Building and Construction Trades members elected to public offices. Ironworker, NJ Senate President Sweeney, IBEW, Assemblyman Joseph Egan, also IBEW Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo, Carpenter, Senator Troy Singleton, Operating Engineer, Assemblyman Thomas Giblin, IBEW, Assemblyman Houghtaling, and Carpenter Assemblyman Anthony Verrelli.

We also have many other legislators from both sides of the aisle who support our Building Trades issues and together they champion these pro Building Trades Laws with us. These laws guarantee rights for workers in New Jersey.

We also have a very supportive ally in the labor movement with Governor Murphy and his Administration. Commissioner of Labor Asaro-Angelo, Attorney General Grewal, State Treasurer Muoio and Department of Banking Commissioner Caride will continue to do everything in their power to enforce labor laws to ensure the safety and security of all individuals who come to New Jersey willing to work hard for an honest pay and fair treatment.

New Jersey was home to one of the locations where the labor movement started, those same rights and guarantees should be extended to anyone who calls New Jersey home.

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