Sussex County Democratic Committee Launches New Fellowship & Internship Program “Born to Run”

Katie Rotondi, the new chair of the Sussex County Democrats, feels the best way – perhaps the only way – to build the Democratic party in conservative Sussex County is by making progress town-by-town. She hopes local Democratic municipal candidates can make inroads in a handful of towns this fall.

Sussex County Democratic Committee Launches New Fellowship & Internship Program “Born to Run”


The Sussex County Democratic Committee is pleased to announce the creation of Born to Run – a new and exciting Fellowship and Internship program. The fast-paced growth of the Sussex County Democratic Committee allows us to offer Interns and Fellows invaluable experience and an in-depth understanding of what it takes to create a campaign from the ground up and the day-to-day operations of a local political party.

Our Fellowship recipients will have the benefit of positioning themselves for a leadership role in our party and gain firsthand knowledge of the current political climate in Sussex County. They will learn invaluable skills to further their future political aspirations, as well as frame a resume that will allow them to highlight management skills & experience in political techniques. Fellows will be tasked with leadership assignments and accept projects such as working directly with candidates, press events, fundraising & other related campaign proposals that are required from the party.

Our Internship program will help dedicated and resourceful candidates who would like to grow as individuals, learn about politics & policy, and help expand our party’s presence in Sussex County. Interns may be tasked with assisting with assignments such as the following: communications, event planning, fundraising, multimedia & computer programming. Interns will be assigned according to their area of interest, and any experience or knowledge they may have previously earned in a related field.

“Unlike the majority of counties in New Jersey, Sussex is currently Republican dominated,” said Katie Rotondi, Chair of the Sussex County Democratic Committee. “As a result, the Fellowship recipients and Interns will receive some of the most comprehensive political training available in the state. I see the 2:1 Republican to Democrat voter ratio in Sussex County as an asset, not a deterrent, to the Fellows and Interns that will make up our program. It will provide individuals with an extensive breadth of experience and knowledge in nearly every facet of campaigning, as well as party growth that predominantly Democratic areas can not provide. Our Fellows and Interns will be on the ground floor of learning and developing invaluable strategy for what it takes to develop a party and win seats in tough districts. Last year Sussex County Democrats helped make history when they reelected Representative Josh Gottheimer and elected Representative Mikie Sherrill to Congress, making Sussex County completely blue on the Federal level.  Fellowship recipients and selected Interns will literally be a part of historical changes in Sussex County.”

The Born to Run program includes opportunities for individuals of all ages, education levels and experience. Those interested in joining a fast paced dynamic team can find additional information on our website, The SCDC is accepting applications today for the Fall!

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