It’s Time to Remove the Unconstitutional Ban on Swearing in Raritan


It’s Time to Remove the Unconstitutional Ban on Swearing in Raritan

Had Ciattarelli’s Recent Campaign Rally Been in Raritan, He Could Have Been Arrested, Fined and Spent 1.5 Years in Jail Under His Own Law

The other day, Gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli proudly said the word, “Shit” at a campaign rally
to prove that he was not a prude, and as a Jersey guy he was willing to curse in a public venue.

However, under a law he introduced and voted for that is still in effect in Raritan Borough, Somerset
County, if Jack had said that word there, he would have risked a $500 fine and as much as a year and a
half in jail.

Raritan Councilman Pablo Orozco, who as a Marine veteran is no stranger to strong language, takes
exception to this ban and on Tuesday is proposing to repeal that ordinance.

“As a Marine, I fought for our Constitutional rights and few are as precious as the right to free speech in
the public arena,” said Councilman Orozco. “In the 27 years since Mr. Ciattarelli imposed this law upon
the people of Raritan, lots of folks have said words you can’t say on television in downtown Raritan, but
because this law is so stupid no one has ever been cited or prosecuted for the offense. It’s time to take
this law off the books.”

Residents who would like to comment on the law – in support or opposition – are asked to come to the
Borough Council meeting on Tuesday, October 26th at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers. The public is
welcome to speak at all Council meetings and they should be free to express themselves with or without
colorful language.

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