Ranallo Running for Council At-Large Seat in Trenton

Michael Ranallo

Michael Ranallo, 54, a Trenton resident and local government watchdog announced the launch of his campaign for Council At-Large in Trenton’s 2022 municipal election.

A staunch observer of and vocal commenter on municipal operations and policy for over 15 years, Ranallo sees running for office as the next logical step to bring much-needed procedural knowledge and policy understanding to the Council body.

A registered Democrat, Ranallo said he seeks to move beyond party loyalty and lockstep, by bringing a more balanced approach to local government.

“Although Trenton elections are officially non-partisan, the local Democratic party has had decades of opportunity to improve key performance and economic metrics in Trenton but the city appears to be continuing to trend in another direction,” said Ranallo. “We must have a Council that knows how things operate, knows the limit of its power, and makes decisions based on what is best for the residents. Beneficial municipal policy is created with cooperation between the Legislative and Executive branches of our local government, not through an acrimonious and combative relationship as evidenced by the past four years. I want to be a part of that new relationship.”

A resident of the Hiltonia section of Trenton, Ranallo works in the high-tech industry in Quality Management for a German family-owned company that designs and builds high-power lasers for manufacturing. He holds a B.S. Political Science: Rider College, 1990 and an A.S. Criminal Justice: Mercer County Community College, 1987. He is also a member of the Executive Board of Trenton Animals Rock, President of the non-profit Partnerships for Trenton, and co-founded the currently almost 4,000 member Trenton Government watchdog Facebook page ‘Trenton Orbit.’

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