Rivers to Mapp: ‘Why Should I Get into a Fight with the Outgoing Mayor’

Plainfield Councilwoman Bridget Rivers of the 4th Ward retaliated tonight after incumbent Mayor Adrian Mapp said her mayoral campaign lacks substance.

“This is the only time I’m going to respond because I need to get focused on this election,” Rivers told InsiderNJ. “There is nothing lacking reality for 12 families in Plainfield impacted by murder [in 2016]. There is nothing about a reality TV show around here with people losing their jobs or not having jobs. Our climate has been compromised. Our children have nowhere to go.”

Rivers also objected to a statement the mayor made about the Campbells, when he associated the Plainfield family with President Donald J. Trump and Gov. Chris Christie.

“The Donald Trump Campbells that he’s talking about,” the councilwoman said. “Are those the same Campbells who helped him win his seat back and helped him get the chairmanship? If they were so good then, why are they no good now? Plainfield deserves better and I will be the next mayor of Plainfield.”

Rivers said the police department is doing an excellent job, but cops lack a real advocate and leader in city hall.

Young people too lack a champion in the mayor’s seat, she said.

“When he came into office, he cut the basketball program,” Rivers said. “The milennials in Plainfield have nothing to do. I was born and raised here. I remember what it used to look like. We have to rebuild this city. When he talks about mixed use, I haven’t seen it – but why should I get into a fight with the outgoing mayor?”

As for the buzz out there that she has only served one ward and won council elections in that ward, Rivers noted that she won citywide school board elections.

“I’m a lifelong citizen of Plainfield, and I will reach beyond the 4th Ward,” she said. “I will do what is necessary. Not only have I fought for the 4th Ward, I’ve fought for all wards, and that is what I will do as mayor.”

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2 responses to “Rivers to Mapp: ‘Why Should I Get into a Fight with the Outgoing Mayor’”

  1. Rivers has always been for Rivers and her cronies, not Plainfield. She has been an obstruction to positive change in Plainfield and doesn’t see to have a clear vision for the future. She was in Jerry’s pocket for years and whatever he wanted she did. She is not an ideal candidate.

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