Rutgers Eagleton Poll: Voters Express Skepticism about Menendez

Public opinion remained “lackluster” about Sen. Bob Menendez in a new Rutgers Eagleton Poll even as New Jersey optimism about the state’s direction continued to increase following the election of Gov. Phil Murphy, a fellow Democrat.

The poll, released Thursday, found that while 48 percent of Garden State adults thought the state “has gone off on the wrong track,” 45 percent said the state is “going in the right direction.” That “right direction” figure is up from 30 percent in December and 16 percent last August. The last time Eagleton found positive attitudes about the state’s direction near this level was in March 2014.

Veteran reporter Herb Jackson wrote about the poll for here.

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  • 1Prop

    Just wait until Phil Pot Murphy starts raising taxes, the his numbers will plummet. There aren’t enough rich fools like him to pay for his political pandering platform and presidential goals.

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