Sciortino Wins in Bordentown


According to the Bordentown City Clerk’s office, Jennifer Sciortino was the top vote-getter for one of three commissioner seats with 600 votes, with Commissioner Joe Myers coming in second with 585 votes. Mayor Jim Lynch garnered 578 votes to place third.

Edward Foley came in fourth with 384 votes, and Deputy Mayor John Brodowski, who announced last month that he would be withdrawing from the race, received 145 votes.

Traditionally the highest vote getter has become mayor and the second highest becomes deputy mayor and the third is commissioner.

Former Statehouse veteran Sciortino, an active community member with years of government experience, currently serves as Communications Director for the NJ Department of the Treasury.

Last night she won a four-year term as Bordentown City Commissioner. She will be just the third woman to serve on Bordentown City’s Board of Commissioners since the city adopted a commission form of government in 1913.

“I moved to Bordentown City years ago to be closer to work and instantly felt at home here. I have sung Bordentown City’s praises to colleagues, friends, family and anyone who would listen because there is something uniquely charming about this one-square mile city,” said Sciortino when she kicked off her campaign. “There is so much at stake right now with a number of new developments on tap that will chart the course of our city for many years to come. If elected, I will put my decades of government experience to good use by working with residents, businesses and city government to make sure we get it right. This starts with fostering an open and inclusive dialogue that embraces diverse points of view.”

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