Scutari and Coughlin Must be Happy Right Now

Democrats appear to have held onto a 25-15 majority in the state senate.

State Senator Sam Thompson (D-30), who retired this year, gave up a Democratic seat, but former Assemblyman John Burzichelli (D-3) made up that loss with his win over Republican state Senator Ed Durr (R-3).

Senate President Nick Scutari (D-22) probably isn’t overjoyed that South Jersey Democrats are resurgent behind wins by Burzichelli and Paul Moriarty (D-4).

But the senate president tonight certainly rattled off any Republican threat to his upper house party majority.

Speaker Craig Coughlin looks similarly situated, even picking up seats in LD-3 and LD-11, to pad his majority.

The Democrats’ assembly majority was 46-34.

After tonight, in January, it will stand at 51-29.

All in all, a dominant night for New Jersey Democrats.


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3 responses to “Scutari and Coughlin Must be Happy Right Now”

  1. I love the Democrat verse Republican narrative. Our elected officials are really simple minded people. They can only think in terms of two parties. Very limited thinking.

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