Sen. O’Scanlon Talks with Steve Adubato About Clean Energy and Parental Rights in NJ Public Schools

Sen. Declan O’Scanlon (R) – NJ, Budget Officer, joins Steve Adubato to address the financial implications of a clean energy transition and his perspective on parental rights in public schools. 

Steve Adubato asks Sen. O’Scanlon about New Jersey’s energy policy and the Governor’s master plan. O’Scanlon says, “The master plan that the Murphy Administration put out quietly a couple of years ago is a mess. It doesn’t account for the cost to upgrade our grid, it doesn’t account for the cost that everyone will have to spend to upgrade equipment in their houses, and the additional cost of energy that will happen because of that plan. I’m not saying that we don’t care about the environment, I’m not saying we may not have to transition more to relying on the electric grid for more things, and that might not be beneficial. What I am saying is we have to be honest with the people. The current energy master plan is a ticking time bomb of dramatically increased cost for utilities, dramatically less convenient availability of energy to run our cars, etc.” 

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