Senator Anthony Bucco Discusses the Cost of Clean Energy, on State of Affairs

Steve Adubato welcomes Senator Anthony Bucco (R) – NJ, Republican Whip, 25th Legislative District, to discuss the high cost of clean energy, his concerns for our local grid, and bipartisan childcare reform.

Steve asks Sen. Bucco about issues surrounding fossil fuels and asks if the status quo is not acceptable. Sen. Bucco responds “Everybody wants a clean environment, but the fact of the matter is, carbon emissions are at the lowest point in 33 years here in New Jersey. We’re headed in the right direction. Whether or not we have to go to 100% renewable energy is a question.” Steve Adubato continues to ask Sen. Bucco what he would do. Sen. Bucco states “We have to know the costs, and I don’t think we can ignore clean, natural gas. To say we’re throwing out natural gas, along with everything else I think is problematic.”

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