Sherrill: ‘Andy is Going to be a Great Senator’

It’s been a chaotic few weeks for politics in New Jersey. That’s especially true for Democratic leaders who just saw their favored candidate, Tammy Murphy, drop out of the race for Senate.
Combine that with the still unfolding legal battle over the “county line” and some party honchos must be worried about what comes next.

Fortunately for House members, at least, the calendar and the business of the place offer a nice reprieve from any controversy.

With the House in “recess,” members are back home doing what they love to do – award federal money they have secured for specific district projects.

Time was when these grants were known as “earmarks,” a bureaucratic term that prompted controversy.

Now, they’re called “Community Project Funding,” which sounds much more benign.

CD-11 Rep.Mikie Sherrill had two such public awards on Monday.

The first was $850,000 awarded to the ECLC of New Jersey Chatham School, which serves about 175 disabled students – ages 5 to 21. Many have Down syndrome or autism.

The school is located in a 100-year-old building with a heating system nearly as old. The funds will be used to modernize the building.

After the ceremonial passing of the gigantic check, the congresswoman spent time with the students.

As for the politics swirling around the state, Sherrill was one of the many Democratic leaders who endorsed the First Lady soon after she announced her candidacy last November.

Now, the party’s presumed Senate candidate is Andy Kim.

“I always said they both would be great candidates,” Sherrill said, noting that she serves with Kim, who represents the 3rd District, on the Dems’ national security caucus.

Kim’s Senate candidacy quickly caught fire, as he was endorsed by just about every county committee that held a secret vote.

“Andy is going to be a great senator,” Sherrill said. “People are really excited about his rise.”

Then, it was off to Denville, where the congresswoman awarded a $1 million check to help renovate an old two-room schoolhouse. It was built in 1908 and replaced a schoolhouse constructed – appropriately enough – right across Openaki Road.

Mayor Tom Andes said the exterior of the school will be preserved to look as it did when it was built. The interior, however, will be reconstructed as a contemporary meeting room for the library, recreation activities and other civic needs.

“You only get certain opportunities to save your history,” the mayor said. He noted that the schoolhouse across the street already has been preserved.

As the congresswoman and others toured the school to be renovated, Sherrill was pleased to hear that the building was a polling place back in 1920, the year women were first allowed to vote.

Given the events of the past week, one must wonder how the 1920 ballot was designed.


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5 responses to “Sherrill: ‘Andy is Going to be a Great Senator’”

  1. LOL! “Andy is going to be a great senator,” Sherrill said. “People are really excited about his rise.”

    Really?! This leftist Congressman voted against deporting illegal immigrants who are convicted of DWI!
    What a disgrace Andy is!

  2. It’s time to vote Democrats out of NJ. They are making life impossible for the middle class. All they care about is lining their pockets and pretending the cate about how hard life is in this state. While they are living in their mansions flying on their private plane or riding in limos they are lecturing us about how we should be living our lives. Personally they all make me sick.

  3. Mikie Sherrill–The Democrat Shill. She is a fraud of the first order. She claimed to be a Navy Combat Helicopter pilot, but never flew in combat. She flew in the back areas carrying people, documents and equipment. She was an Assistant District Attorney for the District of New Jersey. According to Chris Christie, when he was the U.S. District Attorney for NJ, Sherrill was only a liasion between the U.S. Attorney’s office and the Federal Courts. She never prosecuted a case. In other words, her past history was of a “do-nothing” ambulance chasing lawyer-politician.

    With Senator Menendez running on the Independent ticket and already pulling 9% of the vote, the N.J. Democrat-Communist candidates for U.S. Senate ought better be worried. If Menendez pulls that many votes, the Republicans have a strong chance of winning the U.S. Senate seat in New Jersey.

    Then again, if there’s a suit to block the usage of the computer voting systems, blocking ballot stuffing and blocking mail-in ballots, the Republicans will also finally win after 10-15 years of election interference by Democrats using election fraud to win.

  4. Let’s not forget that Mikie Sherrill, who as a Democrat-Communist member of the Democrat Party (the Party of Death) has voted with Joe Biden to ruin this country 100% of the time. As a candidate for the Party of Death, Mikie Sherrill voted against closing the Southern Border, allowing 100,000 Americans to be poisoned with Communist Chinese and Mexican Cartel produced fentanyl. Sherrill has allowed thousands of murders of Americans by illegal alien murderers, terrorists, rapists, and child molesters. Sherrill has allowed the murder of millions of babies while she supports abortion, which is murder of babies. Abortion is not women’s reproductive RIGHTS!!!! It is pure and evil murder. Sherrill has voted to give Ukraine hundreds of billions of dollars while Americans are starving and dying from starvation and homelessness. Yes, Mikie Sherrill is a Democrat-Communist “useful idiot” for the Democrat Party–the Party of Death.

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