Singh Sues ELEC in an Effort to Gain Entry to Debate Participation


Republican gubernatorial candidate Hirsh Singh today said he filed a formal request with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) to allow him to participate in the 2017 Republican primary gubernatorial interactive debates.

Singh argued that although he has not accepted public funds for his campaign he nonetheless “has over $900,000 in campaign contributions on hand.”

“As I’ve said all along, our campaign has the resources we need to compete with the other candidates in the race, to get our message out, and to defeat Phil Murphy in November,” said Singh, who cited N.J.A.C. 19:25-1.4 as the basis for his legal argument demanding entry to the debate forum.

“I bring a problem-solving perspective to this race that no other candidate can match,” Singh said.  “I’m a problem solver; not a politician and I’m determined to lead our party to victory in November.”

Singh’s brief to the court makes clear that his participation in the debates will “further the Legislature’s and ELEC’s goal of informing the public of a candidate’s ‘message.'”

“The voters should not be denied the opportunity to hear our message in the official debates of the Republican primary,” said Singh.  “My opponents are all creatures of the political world and completely ill-equipped to compete against Phil Murphy in November.  Our Party needs fresh leadership and a non-political vision to lead our ticket to victory and revitalize New Jersey.”

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4 responses to “Singh Sues ELEC in an Effort to Gain Entry to Debate Participation”

  1. Definitely agree with a non-political vision. I’d like to hear this guy debate! It’s a shame that quality candidates are shut out due to regulations. Is the funding issue the only factor?

  2. Excuse me? “Whites” are taking back “their land”? Whose land was it originally? I believe it belonged to the Native Americans. I’m a Democrat and not really a Singh supporter, but your racist rhetoric (typical of Trumpist Republicans) is sickening.

  3. His Wikipedia page says he’s an American engineer, businessmen (?), and candidate for Governor… Businessman? men? As in had a job working for somebody? That’s a businessman these days? I guess it’s easy to move from entry level to director when Trib Singh is the President of the company. Just saying…

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