Source: Astonishing and ‘Blatant Disregard’ for Murphy

Governor Phil Murphy reinforced his confidence in Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie, as Currie faces a challenge from Leroy Jones over who will lead the party in NJ.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a Democratic Party source confessed to being astonished by the party establishment’s poke in the eye of Governor Phil Murphy by attempting to offload the Democratic State Party chairman he supports.

“Have you ever seen such a blatant disregard like the one being pushed on Murphy right now?” wondered the source.

“Again, if you wanted to run the party then you should have stayed in and ran for governor, and won,” the source added. “Instead of this craziness where they want to run the governor’s office through the legislature and depose the head of the party’s pick for state committee so they can run the Democratic politics throughout the state and take over the redistricting process.

“And it’s sort of flying under the radar.  I wonder if this has ever happened before?  I mean, they did it with [Barbara] Buono even though she was the one running, but this is very, very different.  These people have stones, man.

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  • 1Prop

    Murphy has proven to be even more inept, corrupt and delusional than expected. He commands no respect.

  • Anthony Kilgowski

    Norcross and Sweeney have damaged the state. Jones is a Terrible choice. Norcross and Sweeney must be INDICTED before it is too late

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