Source: Sherrill Actually Asks Questions

Mikie Sherrill

The insider sat on a stool in a bar in New Jersey.

He regarded the gubernatorial landscape with bloodshot eyes.

This is a Trenton type, someone who works as a bureaucrat in a cubby hole in the state capital.

“Who do you like for governor?” InsiderNJ asked.

The source groaned, noting the early hour ahead of the 2025 contest, but yielding finally to the reality of combatants already gently jousting at the galas and bashes.

The answer came as somewhat of a surprise.

Mikie Sherrill.”

That’s the congresswoman from the 11th District, who wrenched a suburban, Morris County-dominant area out of Republican hands, then held it, in two subsequent election cycles, improving her chances during redistricting in-fighting while her colleague, Tom Malinowski, circled the drain.

Why Sherrill?

The source went on to describe how Sherrill actually takes the time to call Trenton experts seeking advice and direction.

She probes. She respects. She learns.


The source described Sherrill as the only apparent departure from the same – paraphrasing his words – unendurable agony of the same names jockeying in the same demolition derby morass that creates merely the same mind-numbing sense of a few people controlling power in New Jersey.

Asked to discuss the condition of New Jersey politics, the source gave something akin to an agonal gasp.

He couldn’t even bring himself to say, “not good.”

He finally answered.

This is a direct quote:

“If it’s not the same person we’ve seen a million times, it’s that person’s son,” he said. “It just doesn’t hold my attention anymore. Seriously.”

Would it be safe to say, InsiderNJ poked, that it is too static?

A death rattle ensued from the source.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Only Sherrill, the source maintained, with a record of conquering a supposedly unconquerable district and military service (“Granted,” the source admitted, “maybe I put too much emphasis, or give too much respect, to miliary service.”) offers something tangibly different.

An inquiring, curious intellect, the source explained, in reference to Sherrill, impresses in an era bombarded by ruthless male egos.

But – InsiderNJ asked, playing devil’s advocate – don’t you think Sherill is better suited for the United States Senate than an ungovernable encampment in a dingy river town?

“If she’s going to be president, she needs executive experience,” the source reflexively spat back.

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7 responses to “Source: Sherrill Actually Asks Questions”

  1. Sherrill also votes in lockstep with the likes of Booker, menendez, Ocasio Cortez. Just yesterday she voted against a measure to secure the border.

    Sherrill is seeking higher office. Anyone can see this. But there is no substance, only self serving actions with no real leadership. As she is supported by Democrat hierarchy and the media, including InsiderNJ, she will be in higher offices some day.

    As for probing, learning, listening, respecting different opinions, she doesn’t care at all. She is out for herself.

    Folks voting for her deserve what they get.

  2. She is not an effective Congresswoman. One key issue she promised to deliver on was the restoration of salt. She failed. I find it hard to believe that she would want the Govonrship anyway. Her clumsy political skills would not suit her well in Trenton. She has her eyes on the Menendez seat.

  3. People need to dig a little into her bio. She was an Assistant US District Attorney but prosecuted no cases. She was a liasion to the NJ District Attorney and did administrative work. As a Navy helicopter pilot she claims she saw action in Afghanistan and even shows a campaign commercial of her father being in action as a B-24 Bomber pilot during WWII. A closer review of her “action” was she was in the back areas shuttling equipment and people back & forth. She saw NO real action.

    She received $40,000 in donations from sex abuser former Gov. Andrew Cuomo. When pressed to give it back, she never did. She is supported by ex-Nazi George Soros, whose main claim to fame is to destroy the United States.

    Is this what we want in a NJ Governor–someone who votes lockstop with the Democrat-Socialists-Communists (voted 100% of the time with the Pelosi DEEP STATE agenda)–who is financed by an ex-Nazi Billionaire Soros (probably got the money from the Nazi Bank when he left Europe after WWII). Soros was interviewed by “60 Minutes” and said that marching his own people (Jews) into cattle cars going to concentration camps in Hungary during WWII was the best time of his life.

  4. Re NoMOreMarxistsinDC: The ad hominem invoking of George Soros here is part of the anti-Semitic trope fest that has long permeated the right and many in the Republican party, including the twice impeached, guilty of sexual abuse, former president. (That last, by the way, is not ad hominem because it is objectively true.) Those who traffic in this slander and those who silently stand by it are part of the “permission culture” that has brought large increases in anti-Semitism and the violence it has engendered. I’d say “shame,” but I’m convinced there is not shame felt.

  5. It’s NOT an anti-semitic trope. Your infantile, ignorant comment that anti-semitism has long permeated the right and the Republican Party is gaslighting and projecting on your part. You’re obviously a radical leftist–a/k/a Democrat-Communist. Only Communists would make ad hominem attacks on the right and Republicans.

    Democrats are the racists and anti-semites. You want a little history lesson? Democrats were the original slave holders, started the Civil War when they couldn’t keep their slaves, and then started the KKK when they lost the Civil War. They obstructed passage of the 1866 & 1871 Civil Rights Acts, and were humiliated by Republicans to vote for it. President Grant had to send the Military into the South to stop the Democrat-run KKK. Democrat President Wilson had his name removed from a building at Princeton U. because he was a black hater and supporter of the KKK. Democrats blocked the 1964 Civil Rights Act & 1965 Voting Rights Act, until Republicans embarrassed them-again. Democrats have kept blacks down on the “plantation” with welfare, Section 8 low-income housing, housing projects, food stamps, and all other giveaways. Democrat President LBJ told Southern Democrats that if you give the “ni**ers” everything for free, they’ll vote Democrat for the next 200 years.

    As for the Democrats and Jews, how is it that the Jewish run NY Times knew about the Nazi concentration camps and the Holocaust but printed nothing or little about it during WWII??? That should have been front page. Why did Democrat President FDR stop ships full of Jewish escapees from Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy and made them turn around? Since then, Democrats have pandered to Jews and have denigrated them, left them to fend for themselves in inner cities while crime against them rises. Democrats have the blood of 6 Million Jews on their hands. So, don’t tell me I’m anti-semitic because I recite comments taken from “60 Minutes” and other proof.

    Soros was interviewed on “60 Minutes” and said this. If you are making sweeping, unsubstantiated allegations of anti-semitism, you’d better have all of your ducks in order. Especially since you’re including the “60 Minutes” piece as an anti-semitic trope.

    Soros has done more damage to this country with his Open Society foundation and manipulating the financial aspects of this country. He has already said he hates the United States and wants to destroy it. He tried it in Singapore and Malaysia and has death warrants out for him. He has a warrant for his arrest in Russia for trying to destroy their economy. He almost brought down the British Economy with his money games. As he said, he wants to be a “God”. So, talk about tropes! Wanting to be a God is an affront to every Christian and Jew on the planet.

  6. There are no anti-semite or White Supremacist Republicans or Conservatives. Anti-semitism, white supremacy, and racism is solely a Democrat-Socialist construct. Anti-semitism, white supremacy and racism is solely a Democrat philosophy that they’ve been doing since the beginning of their political party.

    America Was Never “White Supremacist”. Nor Was Any Other Place. The largest mob lynching in the South was of Italians. The 1891 lynching of 11 Italians in New Orleans, after a roundup of over 1,000 Italians, grew out of an internal conflict among Louisiana Democrats and was praised by progressives of the era.

    “These sneaking and cowardly Sicilians, the descendants of bandits and assassins,” the New York Times editorial board railed. “Lynch law was the only course open to the people of New Orleans.” Future Louisiana Gov. John M. Parker, who helped organize the lynchings, described Italians as “just a little worse than the Negro, being if anything filthier in habits, lawless, and treacherous.”

    Columbus Day was created as a quasi-apology to Italian-Americans for the lynchings which held only until Democrat identity politics began tearing down statues of the Italian explorer.

    The myth of white supremacy is a story retroactively invented during the civil rights movement. The KKK targeted Catholics and Jews. It hailed the “anglo-saxon white man” rather than viewing skin color as the only thing that mattered. The black-and-white view of history in which bigotry was as binary as 1950s drinking fountains in Alabama reflected only a very brief reality during a decade or two in which the Irish, Italians and Jews had come to be accepted. An era of growing tolerance for minorities was ironically the prerequisite for both the widespread acceptance of the civil rights movement and the distortions of civil rights history that we are dealing with today.

    White supremacy was a myth born out of a more tolerant era in which prejudice toward black people briefly became the most defining form of bigotry. One that most people quickly rejected. Baby Boomers, the most influential generation in history, mistook their youthful experiences for absolute reality. Knowing nothing of history and caring even less, they used their vast cultural powers to make the 60s into the ‘ground zero’ of American history. Generations have grown up with their ahistorical view of “white supremacy” encoded in education and entertainment.

    The myth of white supremacy has divided Americans into an artificial racial binary created by the aftermath of the civil rights movement. The descendants of Italians, Irish and Jews who faced persecution and lynchings are denounced for their “white privilege”. Historical revisionism has become even more grandiose with attempts like the 1619 Project to define all of American history around the racial binary. Critical race theory insists that the racial binary is inescapable. The racial binary denies the oppression of anyone who can be seen as white. In an extreme example, Whoopi Goldberg sneered that the Holocaust was “white people doing it to white people. Y’all go fight amongst yourselves.” When the racial binary is the only measure of prejudice, thousands of years of Jewish, Irish, Slavic, Catholic, Protestant and other histories of persecution, oppression and martyrdom are irrelevant because the participants are “white”.

    Outside the racial binary, no one else’s oppression matters and so no one else’s history matters. The myth of white supremacy doesn’t just grotesquely twist American history around the racial binary, it usurps and eliminates the histories of Europe and even the Middle East. Jesus, a Jewish man, is depicted as black. Cleopatra, a Greek queen, also becomes black. The decade of distortion of the civil rights movement reaches thousands of years back to racialize the past.
    And in the process it eliminates the histories and struggles of much of the world.

    White supremacy is a myth. The KKK was not upholding a racial binary, but the supremacy of its particular group, Southern Anglo-Saxons with a certain pedigree, against all comers, French, Irish, Italians, Jews, blacks and anyone else who wasn’t a member of its narrow demographic. But that’s what inner city gangs also do with Latino and black gangs clashing over turf. It’s also reflected in the early 20th century urban clashes between Germans, Irish, Jewish, and Italians. The KKK was not a unique phenomenon. Similar identity politics battles go back to the founding of America with nativists fighting off the Irish in New York City even in the early 1800s.

    The Nazis, another group that tends to be used to represent a simplistic racial binary, weren’t white supremacists either. National Socialist ideology believed that Germans were descended from the Aryan peoples who had migrated out of India. That was why they adopted the ‘swastika’, a Buddhist symbol, as their emblem. The Nazis conducted extensive outreach to Arab and African Muslims, to Asian and Latin America, and recruited black soldiers into the Wehrmacht. Hitler’s closest ally outside of Europe was Imperial Japan. The Japanese and Chinese were declared to be honorary aryans. While the Nazis were chasing people, like blonde blue-eyed citizens who were valuable to the partisans because he looked a lot more like the Aryan ideal than Hitler, black entertainers were working in Berlin and Paris, and black soldiers were fighting for Germany. The Nazis despised black people and criminalized any relationship with German women, but they viewed Jews and gypsies as an urgent racial threat to be exterminated at all costs. Black nationalists like Marcus Garvey admired Hitler. And the Nazis tried to influence African-Americans. “There have never been lynchings of colored men in Germany. They have always been treated decently,” Nazi propaganda aimed at African-American GIs claimed. “So you don’t have to be afraid to be with Germans.”

    Liberal Jews struggle to tell the story of the Holocaust in the face of a dishonest mythical racial binary that groups Jews and Nazis together. And there is no way to tell that story or any other, those of lynched Italian immigrants, the Swedish immigrants on the plains, the Irish fighting for their rights, and the manifold conflicts that shaped Europe and modern civilization, not to mention the entire history of the Middle East, without demolishing the big lie of the racial binary.

    America was not defined by “white supremacy” and nor was any other place. The KKK and the Nazis were not “white supremacists”, they were upholding power for their own group while persecuting and killing a broad spectrum of people from other groups. Having light colored skin did not mean getting a free pass from the KKK, let alone the Nazis who killed millions of people, the vast majority of whom would be considered white by today’s woke cultural establishment. What we think of as “white supremacy” is a racist movement that arose largely in response to the civil rights movement. It quickly became marginalized and while its proponents hate black people, they also hate Jews. Recent domestic terrorist attacks carried out by self-identified white supremacists have been evenly divided between targeting Jews and black people.

    A growing number of white supremacists are Latino making the racial binary even more senseless. But the idea of Latinos as a non-white race is an absurd addendum to the racial binary which is entirely detached from European and Latin American history and can be traced back to a liberal search for new minorities to recruit in the wake of the civil rights movement. Having decided that Latinos are non-white, liberals are confused when some Latinos decide that they are not only white, but members of a white master race. But the entire concept of La Raza or ‘The Race’ came from a Mexican intellectual who was an enthusiast of Nazi Germany. Marcus Garvey, the founding father of black nationalism, and Jose Vasconcelos, the founding father of La Raza’s Latino racial nationalism, were both admirers of Hitler’s racialism. Contrary to the myth of white supremacy, in which white racialism is evil and those of other races is good, white supremacy, black nationalism and Latino racial nationalism derive from the same sources.

    Racists of all races admire other racists. The greatest woke lie may be that the alternative to racism is anti-racism. Liberals used to know that the alternative to racism is not hating others. But rather than admit that white supremacy and the racial binary are a myth and that the country is dealing with intergroup conflicts, as it always has, and that the boundaries between those groups are often artificial, Democrats and the media are doubling down on the racial narrative that lies at the heart of their power base that the civil rights movement still defines our history.

    When we stop treating people as heroes or villains based on their skin color and actually look at what they believe, we will actually be able to address real bigotry, instead of convoluted exercises in racial power politics like redefining black racism as reverse racism or anti-racism. Bigotry is inherent in human nature. No one of any race, ethnicity or creed is immune from it, but that doesn’t mean that we need to be bound by it. The impact of different bigotries can be defined by power, but power comes in different forms, and it has been a very long time since any large racial group in America was powerless: either politically or physically.

    America doesn’t face a problem of white supremacy, but a multitude of quarreling groups who distrust each other and who have come to believe that success is a zero sum game. Democrat identity politics is so busy creating new groups from sexual fetishes and immigration that it never gets around to noticing that none of the existing groups get along with each other.
    Diversity has ceased to unify, as it briefly did during the high points in American history, and has become a politically convenient source of division. The emphasis on a racial binary only makes all of that worse by turning Italians, the Irish, the Jews and, these days even Asians and Latinos who can be accused of “internalized whiteness” into scapegoats for Democrat social disasters.

    White supremacy isn’t the issue, identity supremacy is. Generations have been told by the Democrats, by their educational systems and entertainment that they are defined by identity politics and that positive change will come when they narrowly fight for the interests of their group, while suspecting the worst of members of other groups, especially white people. Non-white people are taught to believe that white people are hoarding power. In San Francisco, black people are being urged to demand slave reparations from the Asian population. Women are encouraged to resent men. Transgenders are told to hate women. Within the LGBTQ movement, gay men have become scapegoats. California just passed a ban on “caste discrimination” among Indians. This is what the utopia of the perpetually aggrieved looks like.

    This isn’t white supremacy: it’s identity supremacy. And if we don’t move beyond it, there will be no nation, only one long endless civil war across the fractured territories of what was America.

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