Sources: Security Takes Down Man in Morristown Who Approached Governor Murphy

MORRISTOWN – Governor Phil Murphy’s security detail, which included members of the Morristown Police Department, intervened on Saturday at the women’s march after an unidentified man allegedly made an unwarranted move toward the Governor.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, two witnesses to the encounter told InsiderNJ that Murphy was walking across the street to access the Morristown Green on the east side of the green, when a man made a move toward him.

A combination of security and/or police immediately dropped the man in the street, the sources said.

The Governor, who was accompanied by his wife, First Lady Tammy Murphy and a small cadre of supporters, including legislators, kept walking briskly across the street and onto the green. Moments later, a smiling and waving Murphy appeared on the outdoor onstage and made a speech to the crowd of thousands before introducing his wife.

One of the sources who observed the take down told InsiderNJ, “Somebody came out and the police swarmed him. I did see the police grab for something in his coat.”

The incident prompted those members of the Governor’s entourage to keep walking, the source said.

The scene rattled both witnesses but did not appear to faze Murphy, who after the alleged incident immediately greeted in a friendly manner a second individual who walked up on him unannounced.

InsiderNJ placed calls to the Governor’s Office and to the Morristown Police Department but has not received any further information at this time; or any details about whether police arrested the man in connection with the incident or about his identify or intentions.


Twp. Administrator Jillian Barrick just confirmed to InsiderNJ that police did intervene when a man made a move toward the Governor, but that they did not arrest the man after determining that he was a non-threat. The item in question on the man’s person was a camera.


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