Sources: U.S. Attorney Backroom Battle Extends Christie-Kyrillos Fight


Governor Chris Christie’s resistance to Geoff Berman as U.S. Attorney has ‘you’ll never be influential in this town again” written all over it when it comes to his friend turned foe, state senator Joe Kyrillos (R-13).

InsiderNJ first wrote about Berman here.

Now Christie wants his own choice for the job he once held, and it turns out Berman is tight with Kyrillos, according to GOP sources. Berman’s been a contributor to Kyrillos’ campaigns over the years and couseled him when the retiring Monmouth County senator served as chair of the state party. at least one other Republican source dismissed the payback narrative, noting that Christie’s anti-Berman push has to do more with him protecting his own territory against an incursion by fellow GOP alpha male Rudy Giuliani – who is also said to favor Berman.

Christie’s collisions with Kyrillos are well documented, going back to the senator’s irritation with the governor when the chief selected Jeff Chiesa to serve as acting U.S. Senator instead of old pal Kyrillos. The Middletown lawmaker had just run for the U.S. senate in 2012, then Christie snubbed him a year later by appointing his own personal Jiminy Cricket Chiesa.

Kyrillos was a feirce floor critic of the Bridgegate debacle, then dug a forearm into his old friend when he endorsed Jeb Bush for president instead of the foundering Christie.

Now apparently that backroom fight continues as President Donald J. Trump ponders the replacement for Paul Fishman, who replaced Christie.

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