Stack And Fulop Bail On DeGise In ’19

State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack and Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop are looking ahead to the Hudson County executive election next year – but not with incumbent Tom DeGise as the county executive candidate.  

Stack and Fulop released a joint statement: “With regard to Hudson County’s next County Executive, we wish to state that we are seeking a new vision that is more closely aligned with our governmental ideals. While we are grateful for County Executive DeGise’s service, we look forward working with new county government leadership that will complement shifts related to a growing and changing population, as well as an increased regional influence. Consequently, we will be supporting a new candidate for that office.”

Hoboken Mayor Bhalla and West New York Mayor Roque followed suit, releasing a joint statement in support of Stack and Fulop’s new direction, saying “we look forward to joining Senator Stack and Mayor Fulop in seeking a new vision for Hudson County government leadership. We will work alongside both of them, as we seek a new Hudson County Executive.”

Their announcement on DeGise, who has served as Hudson executive since 2002 when he won a special election, comes as Senator Stack is the heir apparent to ascend the throne of the Hudson County Democratic Organization in June, succeeding former Assemblyman Vincent Prieto (he resigned on Monday from the Assembly as he takes up the reigns as executive director of the NJSEA).   Stack’s intra-county and intra-party rival Senator Sacco endorsed Stack for HCDO chair in January, all but sealing the deal for Stack – and, now, the process of closing the door on DeGise.

Not so fast, says DeGise.  Shortly after the Stack/Fulop announcement, he released his own announcement: he’s running for re-election in 2019 anyway  and later in the day released a first round of endorsements from Hudson Dem officials.  

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