Steinhardt Does an Endzone Dance

Following the results of tonight’s election, NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt issued the following statement:

“I am proud of our candidates and the work we have done to build a foundation for the NJGOP. Republicans in New Jersey won’t be shouted into a corner. It was great to be on offense in places like LD-1. We pushed back Phil Murphy’s blue wave and in a state like New Jersey, that gives us momentum going into 2020.”

The GOP held on in battleground districts where Democrats thought President Donald J. Trump’s unpopularity in the Garden State would produce legislative victories.

They won in battlegrounds LD25, 21, and 8.

They also produced an offensive victory in LD1, where the President did a robocall for Republican candidate Mike Testa, the co-chair of his New Jersey reelection campaign.

Steinhardt was very active on the trail on behalf of GOP canddidates up and down the state leading up to Election Day.


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