Steve Adubato Discusses the Implications of Social Media on Public Policy

Steve Adubato sits down with Benjamin Dworkin, Ph.D., Director of the Rowan Institute for Public Policy & Citizenship to talk about the implications of social media on public policy and what it means for our democracy. Recorded 3/21/23.

Steve Adubato asks Dr. Dworkin about the investigations of politicians running for president and social media’s impact. Dworkin says Running for President is about a vision for the future. “The point is that running for president uh is more of a visionary exercise, and so even as the mudslinging goes back and forth. There is an element of where are we going as a country? The country may be divided but we are arguing about where we want to go this direction or that direction, I think that gives us hope, because in the end everybody gets a chance in theory to vote. I mean what we had in 2020 more people voted for Donald Trump than any other candidate running for president number one Joe Biden. I think that was a tremendous testimony”

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