Subliminal Messages Abound as Coughlin Lands at Biden-Middlesex Murphy Event

EDISON – A Vinny Prieto fundraising event at La Reggia last night was poorly attended, with even the emcee forced to acknowledge the spare surroundings, while Assemblyman Craig Coughlin (D-19) arrived at the Sheraton moments ago to join an absolutely jam-packed ballroom of labor dudes, operatives and party drift awaiting an appearance by former Vice President Joe Biden in support of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy.

The calculatedly disorganized-looking Edison event with party organizers was sufficiently filled with loose elbows and people stepping on one another’s feet as to create the impression of bedlam breaking out in support of the Democratic ticket.

It had the feel of Coughlin getting the ballpark and Prieto getting stuck with Palookaville.

Sources confirmed that Biden was something of a human olive branch today, with Middlesex County Democratic Committee Chairman Kevin McCabe coaxed closer to the fold with the more glamorous rally than the one afforded the north.

Coughlin got Biden the blue collar guy from Scranton everybody loves.

Coughlin arrived with his wife, Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker (D-16) right on his heels.

One North Jersey source did note that Biden appeared this morning at an event with Murphy – and Prieto – in Jersey City, so Hudson was not completely shut out. And Essex County Democratic Committee Chairman Leroy Jones, for that matter, was at the VIP reception with Biden in Edison.

Edison Democratic Committee Chairman Shariq Ahmad in the scrum.


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